"Yard Sale? Not at my House!"

"One man's junk is another man's treasure..."

Well this past weekend a spectacular two day yard sale was held at my daughter’s house. She been try to unclutter her home a bit and had originally planned to have it last month but got rained out. Although there was no rain this weekend, she was a bit under the weather and really didn’t feel up to dealing with a yard sale.
Not a problem, my take charge, high energy, wife was right there to back her up and pretty much ran the show, which was just fine with my daughter. They were both busy all week preparing for it. Ray worked late into the night boxing things, packaging jewelry bagging this and tagging that, then transporting it all in the back of her CRV to my daughter’s house.
On Friday after work I took two loads of the larger items over in the back of my El Camino. The majority of the items she was selling were from my dad’s mobile home, furniture pieces, pots and pans, lots of clothing, household goods, TV’s, and so much more. Ray wanted to make Papa a little extra pocket money and she did. It was a hell of a lot of work though. She was there Friday night until 11:30PM getting set up. Then it was back again at 5AM, the shoppers arrive early.
Originally they were going to go from 8 to 1pm but went until after 6. According to Ray the people just kept coming.  She was totally exhausted when she got home but like the, I mean beat! But like trooper she is, she was right back at it on Sunday morning. All in all I guess it was a successful event. My daughter made a little cash, Ray made some money for my dad, and a little for herself. With all the work she put into it she deserves it.
With that said, I have to ask, Was it really worth it? Personally I don’t think so. It’s a hell of a lot of work! I am not a big fan of yard sales. When we moved my dad out of his mobile home last month I wanted to take everything to Goodwill and let them deal it. I certainly didn’t want to have to store everything in my garage for a month, but I did. Ray convinced me that it would be a good way to help my dad out with a little extra cash and she was right about that.

"Yard Sale Hell"

But now here’s the kicker! She thought it went so well that now she wants to have a big one day yard sale here at OUR House! She’s really excited about it. Did I say she wants to have, what I really meant to say is WE”RE GOING TO HAVE a big yard sale and soon!

I can hardly wait!    NOT!…

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