"Palin: Undefeated & Undeterred"

A homage to Sarah Palin's Legacy

Did you hear the one about the former Republican vice presidential candidate who targeted a group of Democrats for defeat in the November elections and actually posted their pictures on her website with a shooters target over their faces? Yeah, I figured you probably had, but did you hear how she herself has become the prime target of scorn and ridicule for the folks in Hollywood. Their new favorite pastime is taking aim at Sarah Palin and believe me, they’re doing one hell of a job.

In the opening minutes of a new documentary about Palin  called “The Undefeated,” several Hollywood entertainers take aim at her in a not so nice way, voicing their displeasure and trashing her, using some of  the most vulgar language imaginable. Among the celebrity malcontents taking pot shots at her are Late Night host David Letterman, Howard Sterns, Matt Damon and Bill Maher, most of whom appear genuinely angry. Their attack is vicious and perhaps a bit over the top, but well deserved as far as I’m concerned. Can you imagine Letterman making his off the cuff, snide remarks about her, or Madonna screaming obscenities about her during a concert.  I definitely want to see this film!

I guess Palin was a bit upset after seeing the film at its premiere Tuesday and couldn’t understand why anyone would say such hateful things. Duh!  To me, the truly disappointing thing is that the entire Palin attack sequence lasts only a few minutes.  It closes with a news clip of poor Sarah being hung in effigy. The film then goes on to chronicles her years of public service, and rise from city council member to governor to the center of the nation’s spotlight as McCain’s running mate and beyond. It attempts to set the record straight about a number of Palin related issues, and offers an up close and personal look at her years of public service.

How wonderful, a homage film to the wise and wonderful “tell it like it is”, straight shooting, Sarah Palin. One would wonder why they even included the Hollywood Palin attack? Well they needed to establish a contrast between the fictional, comic character that Palin is sometimes perceived as, and the real-life woman who shook up the political scene and wants to put government back on the side of the people.

I do have a bit of a problem with the title of the film “The Undefeated”?  Really?  Didn’t she lose the last presidential election or in Palin land was that a McCain defeat only? Probably believes she could have won if it wasn’t for him.  I think that “The Soundly Defeated” or “The Recently Defeated” would be much more appropriate titles. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Palin, she is an incredibly bold woman who has a place in politics, I’m just not sure where,  but president of the U S,  Commander in Chief?  I don’t think so. We’ve had too many clowns from both parties in the White House already.

How timely huh? first Sarah goes out on a week long, meet and greet, Great American political bus tour, what she called a “learning” tour to get a feel for the America people, and now this pro Palin’s propaganda piece is released. Both obviously designed to lay the groundwork for her big pronouncement. Yet we’ve heard nothing from her. She’s been hem-hawing about whether she’ll run for the presidency in 2012 for months, she may as well come out now and announce her candidacy, there is no better time.

Make the announcement already Sarah! Let us all in on the joke. Hollywood is anxiously waiting!

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