I Write The Song pt 2

In early 71 the tone of my music took a drastic turn. I was still in love and so was my girlfriend, unfortunately by March she was in love with someone else and we were broken up. Oh we’d had a few break ups before, but this was the big one. The grand finale. My music became darker and reflected my pain. It was pretty apparent with songs with titles like ‘She’s Leaving’, ‘It’s Over’, ‘Yesterday’s Dreams’, ‘My Lady Loved You So’, ‘Am I That Easy to Forget’ and others. Yeah it wasn’t much of year for fun songs. I was much too busy feeling sorry for myself to have any fun. I think Brian and I collaborated on only one song that year. It was sort of a sad, semi-serious, country song called ‘13 Yeller Roses’, so much for fun and crazy.                                                                                                                                                  
In August of 71 I attended a friends wedding and my life changed. His guitar singing group Shalom did the music for wedding mass and they were incredible as was the priest who presided over the ceremony I was so moved by the experience that I forgot my past struggles with the Catholic Church, returned to the flock and ended up joining the singing group. It was very therapeutic. I actually found some moments of peace through my involvement with the group and even started writing a couple of Christian songs that year ‘Christ is the Answer’ and ‘Don’t You Worry’. I finished both in 72.                                                       
In 72 I was still pretty much lost without my love. I just couldn’t get over her.  A couple of months after our breakup I began playing this love them and leave them game with girls, my way of dealing with my pain. Bri called it Chunga’s Revenge, a reference to a Frank Zappa album and he was right. I was trying to relieve my pain by inflicting pain. Yeah I was quite the ass. I even broke it off with one really sweet girl I had dated for a couple of months, on her birthday. Can you believe that? What a jerk! It got even worse when I played  the game with one of the girls in the group! That really caused some problems for awhile. It wasn’t pretty.                                                                                                                        
I began the year by writing a song in January called ‘Yesterday’ (She Passed Through my Life’) a real tear jerker, and a song that played a major part in my wife and I getting together in March of 72. I also wrote a song called ‘Something’s Missing in my Life’ in February. I was on a roll. Later that same month I met a girl at a party who was supposed to be just another conquest, but by March I knew she was much more than that.                    
In late February we had one date that I can only describe as the worst of my life! I had no intention of ever going out with her again. A few weeks later she showed up at a friend’s birthday party. I was holed up in a back bedroom playing guitar with my buddy Paul. We had were just getting ready to playing my ‘Yesterday’ song   when she walked in.  I did a half-hearted  introduction of the song and started playing. When we finished she came over and sat down by me, took my hand and said,”I understand you now.” We’ve been together ever since.                                                                                                                              
As I looked over the rest of file the change was pretty obvious. The songs I wrote in the remainder of 72 and all of 73 were upbeat and filled with love and optimism again. Songs like ‘All for You’, ‘Your Sweet Way’, ‘Reflections of the Life’, ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Since the First Time’, ‘Sunshine Blue Sky’ and at least 8 others.  72 through 73 was a very creative periods of my life. I just couldn’t stop writing! I tell you, it’s the power of love! My wife was my inspiration, my muse, and continues to be to this day.                                                             
I can’t wait to continue going through my song files. I look forward to reliving the memories…                                                                                                                                               
 Just a Thought                                                                                                                                     
Yesterday She Passed Through My Life 01/1972
	Yesterday she passed through my life
	I’d always thought that someday she’d be my wife.
1.	But yesterday has died away
	I always thought that maybe it would stay.

The sun didn’t shine that day
As I watched her walking away
and I was alone.

Repeat 1.

Now I’m so lonely
I think of her only.
I’ve got to find someone
but I’ve lost before I’ve begun.

Love’s such a foolish game
only a few can win
I know I’ve lost..

Gotta get off this carousel of love
getting off this carousel of love

a man can get tired
of going in circles.
Never reaching the end
Starting all over again....

Repeat 1.

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