"Hair? Who Cares?"

We all know that today’s entertainment industry is suffering from “SOS Syndrome” (same old sh*t)   Look at the current movie guide and you’ll see that two of the top movies ‘True Grit’ and ‘Tron’ have made the rounds before. The originals were released in 1968 and 1982 respectively. ‘Grit’  is a remake of the original,  while ‘Tron’ actually picks up where the original left off.  Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not knocking these movies, I’ve seen both and they are very well done and deserving of your dollars. I highly recommend them.
Then there’s that un-bearable new  release of ‘Yogi Bear.’ I’ve always loved Yogi! He’s smarter than the average bear! I must have been about 7 or 8 when I first saw him and Boo Boo on the Huckleberry Hound Show. Then a few years later Yogi went solo and had his own show! I loved watching him and Ranger Smith and all those pic-a-nic basket capers, always trying  to outsmart each other.  The other characters on the show were equally as memorable, who can forget “exit stage left”  Snagglepuss, Yakky Doodle and good old Chopper!  When I first heard Yogi was coming to the big screen I actually got excited, visions of Yogi’s first carton movie “Hey There It’s Yogi Bear”(1964) came to mind. Then I saw  the previews. They should have stuck with the cartoon concept, they destroyed my loveable bear! From what I’ve heard and read, this movie really sucks! I’m not going to see it!

And what about the return of the TV sci-fi thriller ‘V’ which originally aired in1983. I’ve been watching, not bad, it’s got my attention. And of course TV’s great cop show “Hawaii Five-O is back!  Have to tell you it’s pretty good. Not as good as the original, but good. When it went into development last year there was also buzz from the networks about bringing back Rockford Files and possibly Charlies Angels. With the success of Hawaii Five-O this season we may be seeing them soon and maybe others. I’d like to see them bring back “The Naked City.” Remember that one? It started each week with that voice over “there are 8 million stories in the Naked City. This is one of them.” Too bad it was cancelled after showing only a hundred or so episodes, 7, 999,900 to go. I’d enjoy seeing a few more, and I probably have,  with the barrage of police dramas that followed it, at least 40 plus years worth, I’m sure several of those stories were told. What’s that saying? “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Okay, so the industry is suffering from “SOS.” So what! That is no excuse for the writers of the Los Angeles Times Calendar section to fill their pages with unimaginative, hackneyed crap! Come on, I subscribe to the Times for a reason, I want to be informed. I already have to put up with a ton of advertisements, isn’t that bad enough?  I read the Calendar section for movie reviews and information pertinent to what’s going on in the entertainment industry. Not for mindless dribble!                                                                                                  I opened the Calendar last week and on page D3 I found one of the most asinine articles I’ve come across in recent memory entitled “Hairy costar: Nicolas Cage tends to share a screen with scene stealing coiffures.” Please! Who the hell wants to know about Nick’s hairstyles! The photo article consisted of a single paragraph introduction,  followed by 8 pictures of Nick Cage accenting his hairstyle in various movie roles from 1986’s ‘Peggy Sue got Married’ to this years yet to be released ‘Drive Angry’. Beneath each picture  was a brief character analysis, a description of the doo and what the doo says about the character.                                      Huh? Am I missing something here. I even read each caption just in case I was missing something! I wasn’t. How did this waste of space get in my newspaper? Did this writer actually get paid for this fluff? Did an editor actually hear the pitch for this piece and approve it or did he give the go ahead based on previous assignments? I can hear it now. “Yeah Ed(itor) I’ve got this terrific Nick Cage piece. It centers on eight of his key movie characters and-”  Ed interrupts, “Nick Cage you say, yeah,  he’s got a couple of new films coming out, he’s usually good copy,  yeah, run with it.”

And so it goes. Frankly I don’t know who could have possibly enjoyed this article, except maybe hairdressers. What’s next Jodie Foster’s doos? From 1975’s ‘Taxi Driver’ through this years ‘The Beaver,’ or maybe the shoe stylings of  Haley Berry, or  the various chapeaus worn by Nicole Kidman? No wait,I’ve got it! Get This, Mr. Calendar Editor, how about a pictorial history of Angelina Jolie swim wear,  from ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raiders’ to  ‘Gia’ and beyond!  now there’s a story with legs. You’ve got to admit, it would definitely make for good copy! And it would be a whole lot better than Nicholas Cage’s doo history!  It might even be worth a full page! Come on Calendar get those writers on it! It seems they don’t have anything better to do with their time anyway….


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