"Who Are You?"

Who are you ?

“Who are you? Who the hell are you?” The Who

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day. I spent part of the day working in my backyard listening to some of the greatest music of all time, classic 60’s rock! Beatles, Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Who, Rolling Stones, Hendrix, etc, not really enjoying the work I was doing, but loving the sounds! I was listening to a song off The Who’s “Who’s Better Who’s Best” compilation album, called “Who are You” when this little voice in my head started in on me. “Who are you? Who the hell are you?” it seemed to ask, echoing the songs chorus. Even after the song ended that thought persisted, “Who are you?” Even after listening to a few more songs I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was really bugging me. I’ve been pretty confident about knowing who I am, at least I thought I did. Suddenly on a hot June afternoon 2011 I hear an old song and begin to have my doubts, bizarre.

So as I worked with the music as a backdrop I began to wonder just who am I. Question after question flooded my mind. What do I believe? What kind of person am I? Am I Christlike? Am I virtuous? What are my values? Am I a loving person? Am I considerate, compassionate, kind, caring? Am I forgiving? And what of my character? Am I a good example? Do I walk the walk,  and talk the talk, or am I a hypocrite? Do I truly understand my purpose, my reason for being? Am I doing what I have been put here to do in anticipation of something greater to come? Or am I just here hopelessly doing my time on this rock? Each question was followed by a barrage of answers to aid in my self discovery.

Now I could go on and answer all of the above questions here in print, but what  value would that serve? My answers serve no purpose to anyone except me. These are my questions,the ones I needed to ask myself to gain a perspective of who I am.  Each and every one of you has your own set of discovery questions to deal with, if you want to know who you are that is. They may be similar, but may rank differently in order of importance.

I tell you, I would have never thought a Who recording could get me thinking so much. I’ve got lots of yard projects to work on this summer so I’ll definitely be listening to a lot more music in the next several weeks. I have to wonder what other thought-provoking journeys the music might take me on, there’s a vault of classics out there. I was fortunate yesterday to come across a vehicle that drove me on an inward journey and got me thinking about and reminding me who I am and why I’m here.

Well, I’m a whole lot more comfortable with my answers to the “Who are you?” question, but I am left with one nagging question, “Who the hell are You?”

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