"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Since the first time                                You to me are everything                   And there’s one thing                  You came into my life                        you’re all that I could want                I hope you know is true                    I wanted you for my wife                You’re the center of my dreams         there is no one                                       I realized then                                        Love is what you brought                     take the place of you                   You were my life…JS                                                                     JS                           I love you…  JS

Remember your wedding day? Remember how happy you felt, how in love?  I remember it as one of the happiest days of my life.  It all seemed so magical! A dream come true… a good day,  a truly good day…
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that happy all the time, every day of your life? If only the passing years could be a parade of laughter, light, love and radiance, instead of a slow, gradual fade, with an occasional flash of  happy. Where does all the happy go? That is the million dollar question.  As life’s daily routines and responsibilities takes their toll, the joy seems to fade a bit, and as more years pass it dims even more.

That’s not to say that you’re not happy or that you love your partner any less, it’s just what happens. There are the occasional glimmers and flashes of the wedding day love and happiness but not enough. To keep it truly alive you’ve got to hang on to happy right from the start and stoke the fire everyday of your lives. If you’re experiencing a bit of the fade, then rediscover happy, the sooner the better, rekindle it and make it grow… Today can be the first day of the rest of your lives….

Happiness is when I’m with you,                                                                            Orange skies,to feel your smile …  To share your smile…                                                                                                  Carnivals and cotton candy
Happy is the day I found you                                                                                   And you…                                               Happy is the world around you                                                                               And I love you too                               I’ll never cry as long as we’re together                                                               You know I do…                                   My happiness is you…                                                                                                                     Arthur Lee & Love                                                      Sunshine Company

You’re probably wondering why there are bits and pieces of song lyrics pasted throughout this post. Let me explain. They are here only as reminders. Nearly 6 years ago at the funeral of my friend and mentor Albert Pacheco, his son Bob spoke of his dad’s dance through life a fitting analogy of life’s journey and beyond, for I know Al is up there dancing with the angels…I too believe that  we all do the dance of life, but to dance we must have music.                                                                                                                                                    Music is a very essential element of our life dance. So much can be expressed through music, through song. Your lives together, your love, is a song. A song that needs to be sung each and every day.  A beautiful song that you compose and sing together, blending and harmonizing, a true collaboration. No solos! Of course it isn’t easy, ask any two composers who collaborate together. It’s work, but well worth the effort. We are all capable of doing it. If you take the time and make the effort you can sing your song and dance your way through the rest of your lives….laughing and loving , making beautiful music together, all the while. You may need a few singing and dancing lessons now and then, but they will only help you to improve.

Yes your song, the one you started writing on the day you got married! Remember?  It has a pretty catchy melody,  and you know what? You can dance to it!Are you ready to make today the first day of the rest of your lives?   I hope so….

Just a thought…


My gift is my song and this ones for you… Elton John

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