“Verizon iPhone Super Bowl Commercial Malfunction?”

Only five more days until my Verizon contract expires and I am finally able to upgrade my phone. Well, I definitely wont be getting an iPhone that’s for sure!

After spending millions of dollars for their Super Bowl iPhone commercial spot Verizon came away super losers! Their Super Bowl Super screw up makes it look like there is something wrong with the I phone! Verizon has made the superior audio quality of the iPhone a major selling point but their Super Bowl commercial malfunction says otherwise. You’d have to be a lip reader to get the gist of the commercial.

In it the Verizon’s familiar “Can you hear me now?” guy says something like “I can hear you now.” Except there’s one big problem, the superior audio is so inaudible, you cant hear him! Verizon must have hoped the commercial would be their chance to attract thousands of new i Phone customers not this time!

AT&T Sabotage or network error? One has to wonder.  So will Verizon be asking Fox for a super refund? You would think so, but if they do I hope they use one of their cell phone models that work! Or maybe this just what Verizon wanted! Stir up a little controversy, get everyone tweeting, chatting and texting!  Maybe a little jab at AT&T?

You know what they say Any publicity is good publicity



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