A House Divided: Whose to Blame For the Default Game?

Government Shutdown Arizona.JPEG-031daUnbelievable! The government shutdown is entering its third week, the Debt Deadline is one day away and the fate of our great nation’s economy hangs in the balance, yet the fools on the hill refuse to budge and continue playing their foolish political head games. The very people these talking heads represent are not happy with what is going on in Washington, they are not happy with the actions of their representatives. Granted their are plenty of people who believe their conservative representatives should continue their stand and hold the line on economic issues and perhaps rightly so, but allowing the government to continue on shutdown mode and causing the country to default is ludicrous. You can’t always get what you want.

The actions of  the Republican Party led by a handful of conservative, right wing Republicans has disrupted government and put us on verge of insolvency. Their ill conceived strategy of holding the country hostage does absolutely nothing to give our country the stability it really needs. There is nothing to be gained by their futile actions. All they’ve accomplished is making themselves look like a bunch of spoiled brats. And believe me they’ve done a great job of that! Their job approval rating is down to 11% just one point above the worst approval rating in history. I’m sure that if the shutdown continues and the fools on the hill do nothing about the debt ceiling, they will fall well below a 10% approval rating. Great job guy! Not!

It’s obvious that the Republicans hate Obamacare and often link President Obama and his healthcare plan to fascism, but then legislators also compared Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal to Nazism’ and we know how that turned out. But should their utter dislike of Obamacare be enough motivation to allow the government to shutdown and possible default? I don’t think so. Sure Republicans want it shutdown and that’s all well and good, but their tactics suck. I know that  Obamacare is not the holy grail of healthcare nor is it the answer to all of America’s healthcare woes but it’s now law. The focus should now be on working out the problems with Obamacare and making it work for America.  

Perhaps today, with their backs against the wall, right wing Republicans will see the error of their ways and reach a consensus within their party and hammer out a deal that will resolve the government closure and raise the debt ceiling. Of course we all know that when an agreement is reached it will be just another band-aid, quick fix that simply pushes our economic problems a few months into the future. Hopefully during those months a more long term solution to our economic woes can be reached but I doubt it. It’s always easier to put things off and deal with them later, it’s the American way.

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  1. Paul McCully says:

    I understand your frustration J.S. The issue in this whole debate is that we are already on the verge of insolvency. The doom and gloom and the world is going to end over this recent shutdown(which I said before was only 25% of the govt. turned out to be 17%) is all political and media hype, the American people are being played. The debt will be paid, because the 14 amendment requires it. Once this particular fight is over and the debt ceiling raised, eventually down the road, the expanding debt will have to be paid with worthless dollars and at that point the system will collapse. So I ask you how can we prevent the dollar from becoming worthless? Well they have to stop raising the debt ceiling and stop printing paper dollars to cover their asses. But will they? No, the politicians in control now, just keep spending more to insure their uninformed voters that they care and that the govt. stash is limitless. Hence this is why we are on the verge of insolvency. Obamacare is the latest example. Yes it is now the law, even though the majority of Americans were against it, it will bleed the private sector, plus we can’t afford it, there is no money left , we would just have to borrow more money to pay for it. So how do they pay for the borrowed money? by monetizing the debt which they started doing last year because China didn’t want to buy more bonds. Like Germany did before ww2. we are printing money to pay for more printed money making the money you have in the bank worth less and less, until the dollar collapses. Once you are informed enough to see what’s coming, how do you stop this insanity? The few republicans that see this and are trying to bring awareness of the coming disaster are betrayed as villains by the media and the Washington establishment including the old guard republicans, because they fear the loss of their power and the blame for their complicity in this fiasco, which they caused in the first place. By the way the New Deal gave us the Great Depression rather than just a depression but that’s another story. Later Bro 🙂

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