Two friends of mine from the days of my youth are going through a horrific time right now trying to cope with the untimely death of their 21 year old granddaughter. She was killed last Wednesday in an automobile accident up in Northern California on a fog shrouded stretch of highway notorious for fatal accidents. I can only imagine the intensity of the pain they are going through, grieving not only for the loss of their grandchild, but for the their daughter as well and her husband who are left to deal with the tragic loss of their daughter. No parent should have to deal with the loss of one of their children. My heart goes out to them and the entire family. May God grant them the strength to endure.

Last night I downloaded the news article and read the details of the accident. I read the obituary, looked at the posted photo album and read through the many comments left by friends, family and those whose lives she touched, all honoring this incredible young woman. I came away feeling as though I knew her, which in a way I did. I grew up with her grandfather and grandmother, and knew her great grandparents. They were all good, God fearing people. They were kind, loving and caring with a strong sense of family. I’m sure my friends raised their daughter with the same values and she in turn did the same with her daughter. She was a talented artist, on the threshold of her life eager to face the challenge of tomorrow. Sadly there will be no more tomorrows for her, her time in the sun was yesterday and yesterday’s gone.

What remains are the precious memories of her time spent here with us, the joy and the laughter, the conversations both casual and serious, the shared looks, glances and expressions that passed between her and those she loved and those who loved her, the gentleness of her touch, the warmth of her embrace and the sweet tenderness of her love. What also remains is the lingering question ‘why’?

Yes, that is the million dollar question ‘Why’ indeed. Why did God choose this particular moment in time to call this young woman home? What purpose could her death possible serve? Why does life have to be so unfair? Why would a loving God do this?  Why does it have to hurt so much? The list of ‘whys’ goes on and on. We will never have the answer for our list of whys, at least not while we are still alive.Only after we too have crossed over into the Light and are safely on the other side will we understand God’s reasons.

As difficult as that is to accept, it is the truth and that’s where our faith comes into play, believing that all we endure in our earthly lives serves a greater purpose and is all part of God’s plan. I firmly believe that we all have a moment in time reserved for our passing, what has sometimes been referred to as ‘a date with death’. We will not go one second before or a second later then the time God has set for us. We have been put here for a particular reason, and have a task we are to accomplish. When the goal has been reached whether 6 years or 60, it is time for us to go home to Him for our eternal rest.

Please keep my friends and their family in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with their tragic loss.  I believe in the power in prayer, it can make a difference.

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