"A Second Chance at Justice"


"Brandon McInerney Killer?"

It took a few weeks, but the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office has finally announced that they will retry Brandon McInerney for the murder of Larry king.  The trial is set to begin Nov. 21 in Ventura. McInerney, you may remember, is the troubled 17 year old who three years ago at the age of 14  executed 15 year old Larry King, an openly gay student, while he sat at a computer during their first period English class.

McInereney was  charged with first degree murder and hate crime charges, and was tried as an adult. The first trial ended in a hung jury. This time around McInerney is again being tried for murder as an adult but will not face hate crime charges. Much of the first trial was spent arguing the hate crime charges, but in a poll of the 12 jurors not one believed that McInerney was guilty of a hate crime. Although he is not being charged, I’m sure much of the evidence related to the hate crime will still come out in court.

With a second trial now set to begin I can only wonder if the defense will be successful once again at gaining the sympathy of the jury. At a pre-trial hearing held Wednesday several people showed up to show their support for McInerney, including three jurors from the first trial who were wearing “Save Brandon” rubber bracelets often worn by the defendants family and friends. In addition to these three several other jurors have spoken out about the case and even appeared on a recent Nightline segment.

"Remember Larry" "Justice for Larry"


If you read either of my previous post on the murder you know that I believe McInerney committed first degree murder and deserves to be tried as an adult. So what the hell am I missing? Why the big “Save Brandon Campaign”? Why not a “Remember Larry” or a “Justice for Larry” campaign instead. Is a “Save Brandon” effort warranted? I don’t think so. If it were your son or daughter who was killed, execution style, would you still be crying “Save Brandon”? Yeah I didn’t think so.


Come on, its cut and dry. King harasses McInerney, Mc Inerney, who was known to be a bully, harasses King. King lashes back by teasing Brandon, he gets pissed, tells friends he’s going to bring a gun to school and solve the problem. The following day he brings the gun and shoots King twice in the back of the head as he sits at a computer. He flees the scene and is soon picked up not far from the school. End of story. Murder?  Oh yeah, premeditated? You betcha!  Yet the first jury couldn’t decide. The defense played the sympathy card and came out a winner. It completely baffles me.

I was already thoroughly convinced of McInerney’s guilt, but then I watched the Nightline segment about the case and that nailed it for me. When their English teacher was interviewed she said that she was in the front of the room when she heard a popping sound. she turned and saw Brandon standing with the gun in his hand and said “What the hell are you doing Brandon?” He looked at her for a moment pointed the gun and fired a second shot into the back of King’s head, then fled the classroom.

All along I’d thought that he had fired two shots in succession and then ran. I had no idea that the teacher had spoken to him between shots. I believe that his decision to fire the second shot after his teacher had spoken to him seals the deal. He could have stopped then, but he had already made the decision to kill Brandon, I believe the second shot was just insurance to make sure he was dead.

I can only hope that the jurors in the second trial sees beyond the smoke and mirrors that the defense throws there way and see only the facts in the case. One boy died at the hands of another. His age or rough childhood is irrelevant. He made a choice and had the opportunity to opt out but didn’t. He should be made to face the consequences of his actions, nothing less… We’ll just have to wait and see…

Just Saying…


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