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‘A Day in the Life’ is supposed to be unconventional, no rules, no chains that bind, freedom to write about whatever. I envisioned sort of a Frank Zappaish, free form guitar / instrumentals kind of feel, like the stuff  he did with the Mother’s of Invention. That, of course, would be very appropriate since my blog is dedicated to the memory of my departed buddy Brian, who like me was a Zappa head!  Yeah we really got into Zappa! At one time I even thought about using a Zappa song title for the name of my blog. Those I considered were ‘Trouble Every Day’1966, ‘Plastic People’1967, ‘The Mudshark’ 1971, (actually it was gonna be ‘Mudshark Memories’) Lumpy Gravy 1968, Joe’s Garage 1979, Dog Breath 1975 and Cheap Thrills. 1966. Then I figured not many people would understand the reference so I changed my mind.

Other titles I considered were ‘Once in a Lifetime’, ‘Down for Life’, ‘Lost in Life’, ‘Life in a Nutshell’, ‘The Good Life’, ‘That’s Life’, ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘All the Life’. Being a big Beatle fan I considered several of their songs, ‘Here, There and Everywhere, ‘Long and Winding Road’, ‘Things We Said Today’, ‘Good Day Sunshine’ and ‘Fool on the Hill’ among them. But two of their songs, both written by my favorite Beatle John Lennon, ‘In My Life’ and ‘A Day in the Life’ were the front runners. I couldn’t make up my mind so I flipped a coin, ‘A Day in the Life’ won.

I was looking for a name that had meaning, something that related to daily life, you know, perceptions, interactions, personal thoughts, as well as news, current events and issues of interest. I find ‘A Day in the Life and other BS’ to be a very appropriate name for my blog. There’s just so much that we experience each and every day of our lives, so much that is going on around us, from the extremely serious to the ridiculously absurd, from the heart-warming and loving to the chilling and shocking. I will continue to write about whatever I want because each day presents an abundance of things to write about. If there is something newsworthy or trendy going on and it catches my attention, then I may write about it. If I have a melancholy or reflective kind of day and remember some event or period of my life, I’ll write about it. And if something happens that serves to remind me of something from my past well then, hell, I’ll write about it!

I want my blog to be a little bit of everything. I’ll write about anything, politics, sports, religion, social injustice, economics, controversial issues, movies, TV, education, past experiences, memories, hopes and dreams whatever!  My blog is intended to be a social commentary, my point of view. You don’t have to agree with what I write, in fact I hope you don’t!  I hope that sometimes what I write will strike a nerve or rekindle a memory, maybe give you a little ‘life kick start’ into being a better life observer and participant.  Time passes much too quickly people so don’t let another second slip away.

Life is an adventure my friends! And we are all blessed to have an e-ticket, to the best ride ever, the journey of our lives!  Enjoy…

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