"Ain't Love Grand"


ain-t-love-grand--sourceThe phrase “Ain’t love grand!” is a bold exclamation of the magnificence of  the ultimate act of tender, passionate affection one has for another person, love. I’m not certain who coined the phrase, but they must have either been head over heels in love when they said it or had just witnessed some simple act of affection that in that moment touched their heart. Perhaps they saw a couple holding hands in the park on a beautiful spring afternoon, engaged in soft conversation, embracing or sharing a kiss. Maybe it was a romantic movie they watched, something they read, a romantic wedding proposal or perhaps a wedding ceremony. One of those magical moment when love is the rule of the day and nothing and no one else matters, Time stands still as two young lovers gaze longingly into one another’s eyes and recite the vows that will bind their love and lives forever. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I love moments like that! “Ain’t love grand!” You bet it is!

goldrings (1)I’m  reminded of the day all those years ago when I asked my wife to marry me. I wish I could say it was one of those magical moments, I truly do, but alas it wasn’t. You see I never actually popped the question. We’d sort of talked about it before, but on the night that it was for real, there was nothing magical about it, it just sort of came up in our conversation. I remember we were sitting in my VW talking as we so often did then and the next thing you know we were talking about our future together and I just sort of threw it out there you know, something like “yeah, and we can get married and get an apartment here in Azusa…” and my wife to be went along with it! And just like that it was a done deal. We were getting married!  I think we hugged, but I’m not sure. I hope we did. I know we continued talking about it for awhile and even discussed dates. We both seemed to agree on November. And in a moment of absolute insanity I looked deep into her eyes and said, “That would work, then we can claim married on our 73 income taxes.” OMG! Did I really say that? Yeah I did. At least that’s the way she tells the story. No she’s absolutely right. That’s what I said!

Definitely not one of my better moments. Could I have said anything less romantic? Probably not. That was pretty bad. “I love you honey, so let’s get married for tax purposes.” Duh!   But hey I was only twenty for god sake, what did I know about being romantic? For that matter what the hell did I know about getting married? That dumb ass tax comment will haunt me to the grave. What a total moron!

You have no idea how badly I wish I could have a “do over.” God how I wish Mr. Peabody and Sherman could set the “Way Back Machine” to the summer of 1972 and send me back in time to make thinks right.  I’d most definitely do things differently the second time around. I’d take her somewhere really special, near the ocean. We’d have an intimate candlelight dinner at the Chart House or someplace comparable, hold hands across the table and I’d compliment her on how beautiful she looks and talk and laugh about our lives together.

wedding-proposal-photographyAfter dinner we’d take a leisurely stroll along the beach, and with the waves breaking against the shore and the golden sunset reflecting off the water, I’d he drop to one knee, gaze lovingly into her eyes and say those four life changing words, “will you marry me?” God, it would be so absolutely perfect, a memory to treasure forever.  Instead I’m stuck with my – let’s get married for the tax break, H&R Block moment. So sad. Sorry babe… love you…  Do over please…

Just Saying…


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