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I was scanning through some of the current news stories on Yahoo News yesterday when a particular title on their slide show caught my eye. The slide show usually has real news items as well as several human interest pieces. This particular story was titled “How Women Turn Off Men: 15 Things Women Do That Turn Off Guys.” My first thought was “Hmm only 15? Really? Someone’s sure being kind.”(kidding) But it was enough to spark my interest so I clicked on the link to check it out. I actually thought it might be an interesting, factual piece, something worthwhile and insightful, and perhaps even entertaining, written by some noted sociologist or behaviorist with facts and figures supported by a mass of empirical research, interest polls and surveys. Boy was I wrong.

What I found was not an article at all but a list of complaints by fifteen men sounding off about what turns them off about their wives or girlfriends beauty practices. The piece was actually titled “15 Biggest Beauty Turn-offs!” and was thrown together by some so-called beauty expert. What a crock! If this had been the title of the posted lead on the news page I would have never clicked on it. Talk about false advertising! They tricked me! But since I was on the page anyway, like a dummy I went ahead and read through the comments.

High on the list of beauty turn-offs was the excessive amount of time women spend putting on their make up! One man was upset by all the countless hours his woman spends ‘doing her face.’ He believed that she should have learned some short-cuts by now  and should be a lot faster at it. Yeah right. Next was a dislike of false eyelashes, hair extensions and over applied make-up!  Men apparently don’t want their women hidden under a ton of make-up and add on’s, they’d prefer to  see the real woman underneath it all. Men like it real.

The next big turn off, if you can believe it, was a woman coming to bed with wet hair! Are you kidding me? Wet Hair? What a total turn off! I guess she’s never heard of a blow dryer or at least towel drying? It seems some guys can’t stand rolling over onto a wet spot on the pillow. OMG! What could be worse than that?  Other complaints included excessive and inappropriately placed tattoos, over use of oils, scrubs, bath salts, colognes and perfumes. Women who don’t color their hair often enough and allow those ugly dark roots to show. And God forbid, bad manicures and poor oral hygiene also made the list of turn offs. Boy did I get suckered into a complete waste of my time!

I can’t believe this crap was on the Yahoo News Slide Show on the main page. It was one of 60 stories on the slide show. What a complete waste of space. Yahoo should think about changing their format and dedicate the slide show to real news stories instead of a bunch of fluff and human interest BS.  But of course we all know it’s not about dispersing up to date factual information, it’s about grabbing the attention of the viewers and getting them to stay on the Yahoo’s site so they’ll run whatever they can to grab and hold our attention.

Along with the “15 turn-offs” story there were some real news worthy pieces like “The Fluffiest Pancakes Ever!”, “Guys Swimsuit Mistakes”, “Eight Ways to Buy Happiness”, and what has to be the biggest waste of space “Best Women’s Workout Pants”!  Believe me I learned a valuable lesson. From now on if I want to pollute my mind with trite and insignificant bull crap I’ll go to Yahoo and other sites like it, but if I want real news, breaking news,  I’ll go to an all news website like CNN or CBS.  I need to find the KFWB “All news all the time of the worldwide web. Any suggestions

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