"America's New Favorite Pastime – Football!"

 Let the games begin! America’s favorite pastime NFL football has returned at last! Sundays round of games were all pretty good. We’re off to a great start! Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait a minute what the hell is he talking about, everyone knows that baseball is America’s favorite pastime? A few years ago you would have been absolutely correct.

For over a hundred years baseball has indeed been considered our favorite pastime, but in recent years surveys, studies and polls clearly show that NFL football has rushed, passed, punted and tackled it’s way into the hearts of America and taken baseball’s place as America’s favorite pastime and college football is about to overtake it as well! It’s really not so hard to believe, football is a much more exciting and physical sport than baseball. Baseball is too passive.

I remember comedienne George Carlin used to do a routine about Baseball vs Football back in the day. It was a riot,  things like football is played on a gridiron or field as in a battlefield in a stadium. Baseball is played on a diamond in a park. Football players wear helmets, while baseball players wear caps. Football is played in any kind of weather, but in baseball, if it rains, the teams  don’t go out to play. And the objectives of the two games are completely different: In football the object is to get into the end zone and score! To do so the quarterback or field general, marches his troops into enemy territory,using a balanced aerial assault and a sustained ground attack that punches holes in the enemy’s defensive line. With pinpoint accuracy he riddles the defense by hitting his receivers with short bullet passes and long bombs  and even uses the shotgun if needed. In baseball the object is to be safe and get home!- safe at home!                                                                                                                                                 If you have a few minutes ck it out.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmXacL0Uny0

Along with the return of the football season we have the return of Peyton Manning!  I tell you, sitting out a year because of his surgeries did not affect his ability to throw the ball or march his team up and down the field to victory. Did you see him last night picking apart the Steeler’s defense? The guy is incredible!  It was tough seeing him in that orange Bronco uniform, he looks much better in blue. But the uniforms about the only thing that’s changed for Peyton. The Colts may have really screwed up by letting him go. I don’t think they’ll ever be the same without him,well not for awhile anyways. Their loss is Denver’s gain. I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna have a hell of a year!

On the other side of the field there was Big Bad Ben looking a few pounds lighter and more fit than he has in years. That new quarterback coach must be tough. I hear Ben owned his last one. Let’s hope his offensive line can come together and do a better job of protecting him this year. Ben didn’t do such a bad job last night. He actually looked good except for that interception he threw there near the end of the game. It sure sealed the deal for Denver.  But I like Ben he’s one of my fantasy football quarterbacks. My other QB is Cam Newton. Gonna have to decide which will be my starter. Hmm, young second year guy or old seasoned veteran? Any suggestions?

The Mark Sanchez – Tim Tebow controversy  finally took the field Sunday. Tebow brought the wildcat to the field but there was nothing wild about it. He took part in 9 offensive plays for a grand total of 22yards. Not a very productive start. Sanchez on the other hand  had an incredible day throwing 3 touchdown passes! He looked and performed  like a starter and Tebow, well he looked like a back up. One good thing, bringing in Tebow seemed to disrupt the Bills defense. Twice after Tebow ran a play Sanchez returned and threw 2 touchdown strikes. Hopefully Sanchez’s performance will quiet those naysayers who would like to see him get the hook and see Tebow become the starter. Next week they play the Steelers. Should be a good game. I like Ben but I also like Sanchez. He is a product of USC, so I’ll be rooting for the Jets!

Tonight’s game between San Diego and Oakland should be a good one. There is definitely something special about NFL football!  Yeah, I’m glad it back! Now ARe You Ready for some Monday Night Football?  I certainly am!

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