"Anarchy: Don't Tread On Me!"

imagesCAD8DHJMAlright already! I just learned that I am an Anarchist! Can you dig that? Me, Mr. peace, love, dove an Anarchist! Go figure. But according to an article I came across on the internet this weekend entitled “Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You”, my political leanings and social beliefs make me a tried and true Anarchist!  Yep, that’s what it said. I’m not a Conservative, Moderate or a Liberal, I’m not an Democrat, Republican or Independent. No, I’m a frickin’ radical Anarchist!

As we all know there are so many interesting websites  on the internet these days dispersing volumes of information on just about any subject you can imagine, but just because its on the internet doesn’t mean its true! Some sites can’t be taken at face value and a certain degree of discretion must be employed when evaluating their worth. Some are simply opinions and not fact. This was definitely one of those websites. I’d never really given much thought about being an Anarchist until I visited this website and read their article. And although they raised some interesting points I find myself laughing at the notion that I could possibly be an Anarchist. Me an Anarchist? You’ve got to be kidding!

imagesCAJBPHHDAnarchism has long been associated with chaos and rebellion. When you think of Anarchy images of rioting, burning buildings and government take-overs fill our heads. We view Anarchists as angry, political extremists who disdain big government and its top down method of order, who are willing to resort to civil disobedience and social and political upheaval and disorder to achieve their goal. I mean really, does that sounds like me? Sure there’s a streak of rebel that runs through me and I do fly a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag beneath my American flag, but an Anarchist, really?

imagesCAFFRICCThe more I  read the more I realized that Anarchy is not an action word. It is not a call to arms, chaos or disruption. It is not simply a lack of disobedience to an authority or insubordination. It is much more than the common held notion that it is the use of violence to undermine the government. Anarchism is a tenet, a doctrine that calls for as little government involvement as is feasible. It is about individual freedom and liberty and not necessarily a bad thing.

I’ve long considered myself to be more of a moderate liberal meaning my views and political leaning are just a little left of center. I’ve always been a free thinker and open to reforms but not to the extreme. I can’t deny that I lean left politically but does that make me an Anarchist? I believe in individual freedom and I support the notion of smaller, stay out of my business government. Am I an Anarchist? I further believe big government is a sham and nothing more than a power grab. Our form of government today is not at all what our forefathers had in mind. Does that make me an Anarchist?  I further believe our government should be “of the people, by the people and for the people” and not run by a bunch of power mad, selfish, egotistical, career politicians who only care about themselves and a few select groups of Americans and could care less about you and I. Another sign of Anarchism? Perhaps.

I tell you, if holding these believes makes me an Anarchist well then so be it! Our government is too damn big and out of control! Change would do us good. The time for government downsizing is now before our countries situation worsens and another revolution takes place. And this time the revolutionist will be much better armed  and organized. You’re ignorant if you believe it can’t happen here. It can happen and will if change doesn’t occur soon, very soon.

So if you subscribe to any of the above Anarchism premises as I do, then you exhibit traits of Anarchism and have Anarchist leanings. Like it or not, you are an Anarchist! Welcome to the club!

Just Saying,

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