And the Race is On!

Face Off!

Face Off!

Well friends with the primaries and conventions behind us, the battle for the White House is off to a dubious start. The candidates, have come out swinging and from what they’ve shown so far, the next three months should prove interesting and entertaining, if not downright disgusting.  With these two prima donnas we’d better be prepared for the worst. When you’ve got the clown prince of politics, a man dubbed “F*ckface von Clownstick” by comedienne John Stewart, squaring off against the queen of deception and countess of cover up, there’s bound to be fireworks, lot’s of them! In week one it appears the former first lady is shredding the Donald, he’s falling in the polls. Of course he’s not helping himself much as his mouth continues to get him into trouble. Yeah he’s off to a very self destructive start.

A year ago I never imagined it would be Trump vs Clinton in the final face off. Sure there was a lot of talk about the time being right for a woman and all but I didn’t want to believe that Billary would be that women. I thought for sure some upstart, young Democrat might rise up from the ranks, Obama-like and defeat Billary in the primaries, but that didn’t happen and so here we are. The pickings were just too slim this time around. Only Bernie put up any kind of a fight at all, but in the end he stepped away graciously, endorsed Billary and urged his followers to do the same. They weren’t too happy and are still not pleased with it. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how that turns out.

Talk about slim pickings, the GOP,  a party in obvious need of repair, couldn’t come up with a single Republican candidate who could  stop Trump’s ascent to the top. For better or worse, Trump’s their reluctant choice and they’re behind him, many of them way behind him!  It’s hard to believe that the business mogul and former reality TV personality ever had a chance. He has no political experience! Nada! Zilch! Zero! That in itself should have been a problem and the fact that it isn’t is troubling. His lack of experience just doesn’t seem to matter. The people like the fact that he’s an outsider. They think he’s one of us and that’s how the Donald likes to spin it.

Hello! The Donald is not one of us! He is a billionaire for Godsakes! He not anything like us! Neither is Billary! But people rally round Trump because they’re fed up with big government intruding on their lives, fed up with the president and the party that backs him, fed up with their own party and the fools on the hill who don’t do enough for the American people. The Donald knows this and uses it to his advantage, and in grand salesman fashion says exactly what they want to hear. He shouts and screams it vehemently from the stage, relying on whining, bullying and self glorification to make his point, then bills himself as the only answer, the only one who can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But is he really the great white hope? Will he be the last man standing after November’s election?  Perhaps, that is, if he doesn’t self destruct first.

Then of course there’s the former first lady. What a super woman! A legend in her own mind! Recently my eldest son accused me of being soft on Killary. He told me I’m always putting down on the Donald and don’t really rag on Billary that much. Although I’ve said numerous times that I don’t care for either candidate, he says I secretly support Clinton. I don’t. Although I have no problem with a woman president I can’t support Clinton on the basis of gender alone. Sure she is making great strides for women but we need to look beyond the fact that she is a woman and view her simply as a candidate. She may have more experience than Trump but that alone doesn’t make her presidential material?

Throughout her career Billary has had more than her fair share of bad press yet here she is on the threshold of the presidency. Her recent deleted email fiasco has blown up in her face and has her under investigation by the State Department, FBI, Justice Department and Congress. Although the FBI has recommended that no charges be filed against her or her staff, you can be sure she’ll be under scrutiny about her use of private email until the November election and beyond. Sorry Billary, you can’t delete this problem, it’s not going away. The GOP will see to that. Then of course there’s the whole Benghazi fiasco and a long list of untruths going back decades. Apparently that makes her an ideal presidential candidate.

It’s gonna be quite a contest. The candidates match up so well. Both have incredibly enormous egos and mouths to match. This race has become the battle of the Narcissist! They’re well versed in the art of deception, and can hurl lies and insults with the best of them.  Yeah this election promises to be like nothing we’ve seen before. So buckle up, it gonna be a hell of a ride!

And son if it seems like I pick on Trump more it’s only because he’s so much more entertaining than Clinton, but she’s getting better.


Just venting…



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