"And The Race Is On!"

The Human Race. What a fitting title. That’s exactly what life is, just one grand marathon and we’re all runners in the race of our lives, racing through our lives.


And the race is on!


Think about it, life begins as an incredible swimming race as 40-150 million sperm eagerly swim upstream on their mission to fertilize an egg. Only the fastest few hundred will even come close to reaching the finish line and ultimately only one will win the race to penetrate the egg.



Then we go through infancy and childhood, probably the only time in our lives when we’re not in the race, only because we’re too young to understand it. The only racing we’re doing is when we’re playing games or chasing each other around. Life is nothing but fun! Sadly those years are fleeting. Soon some of us our introduced to the race through the world of competition by eager parents who get us involved in sports, pageants, commercials, etc., living their lives vicariously through us, sometimes tainting our happiness for their own.

Then our teens come rushing in. A period when we should be enjoy our newly gained independence and having the time of our lives. Instead we spend those years longing to be older and can hardly wait to be adults. We try to look and act older, and sometimes get caught up in the game, trying to prove ourselves. Often times we make poor decisions and mistakes are made, some correctable others life changing. Take today for instance, I had a young lady, an 11th grader, come in my office to discuss educational options for next year. she recently learned she is pregnant and due in November. She thought about giving the baby up for adoption, but now plans on keeping it. By playing grown up games her life has changed forever. Several hurdles have definitely been added to her race and her child’s.

At long last adulthood arrives and ready or not we are thrust headlong into the race of life. Some of us come out the gate like a whirlwind full of gusto, others come out meekly and cautiously, and some don’t come out at all. They hang in the shadows of mom and dad, friends, drugs or alcohol and can’t seem to get started, sometimes they never do. You know the secret to completing the marathon and running a good race is pacing. Pacing is everything. Jack rabbit starts will burn you out to soon. You may be ahead of the race for awhile, but eventually the pacers will catch up and overtake you. Others get caught up in the obstacles found along the raceway and try to create obstacles for others. Their’s becomes a rat race.

My advice, be a smart racer, take your time, pace yourself. Better to be old and grey when you finish your race than to burn out early. Take breaks along the way, catch your breath and take a long, loving look around.Don’t miss a thing, enjoy the beauty around you. Enjoy the Human Race, get the most of it.  At the end of the day you’ll have run a good race, have a good time and come out a winner.

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