"Anthony Weiner! What a Dick!!"

Anthony Weiner - What a Dick!

Anthony Weiner – What a Dick!

What the hell is up with former Congressman Anthony Weiner? Yeah you know, that dick that was forced to resign because of a sexting scandal back in 2011! You remember he was the idiot who sent pictures of his privates to six different woman via his Twitter account. Even then he entertained the idea of holding on to his congressional seat and continued to deny the allegations until finally a very explicit photo was leaked to the press, leaving him no choice but to admit his guilt and resign.

So you would think that the former congressman would accept his defeat and go quietly into the night like so many other sick bastards before him, but  hell no! Two years later he’s running for mayor of New York City! Can you believe it? Now that wouldn’t be so bad if he had turned his life around,changed his evil ways,  and given up sexting altogether, but he hasn’t. In fact he has openly admitted that he has continued sexting and sending explicit messages and photos to women since his congressional resignation. Of course this time around he thought he’d be sly and did his sexting correspondence under the alias ‘Carlos Danger.’ What the?  That name is just about as stupid as he is! And believe me Weiner is definitely stupid! After being caught in yet another sex scandal does he truly believe he has a snowballs chance in hell of becoming mayor of New York? Really!

As of yesterday Weiner still believes he has a fighting chance and feels that the recent sexting scandal will help make him a stronger mayor. Huh? (didn’t I tell you he was stupid!) As his campaign collapses around him this idiot is hanging on to a lost cause. Those close to him have suggesting he withdraw from the race, his own party has lost faith in him, national figures close to Obama have denounced him and last Sunday his campaign manager quit the sex sideshow campaign, still Wiener clings to the ridiculous belief that he has a chance. Yeah, fat chance!  The latest polls show that he has gone from being a front runner to fourth place in less than two weeks. The same poll shows that more than half those polled believe he should drop out of the race and only about 16% would vote for him. I tell you it’s a lost cause.

And what about his wife who stood at his side yet again at his press conference and continued to vouch for him? Two years ago she stood beside him when he lost his congressional seat. At that time he vowed to never do it (sexting) again and that he would never put his family through the mortification. Yeah right! Here we go again and there she goes again. Did you happen to see the press conference last week? My God the poor woman stood next to her husband looking hurt and defeated, she appeared to be a shadow of her former self. She was betrayed !Weiner told her he would never do it again, yet it seems his sexting never really stopped! And there she stood supporting the lying bastard! I truly feel sorry for her. Have you noticed that the last few days she has sort of faded from view? I hope she continues to do so.

And what of Weiner and his ridiculous vow to stay in the mayoral race no matter what? Well at the moment it looks like he’s here to stay but I truly believe that in the next few days he will man up and step down. I truly believe the man is delusional and his days as a politician are behind him. He needs to leave the politics and do it now! I lost respect for Weiner two years ago when he denied involvement in the first sexting scandal. Politicians are public figures, they are under the microscope. Those who exhibit this kind of sexual misconduct or other moral failings have no place in the political arena. It makes me wonder how people of this kind ever got into politics in the first place!

Weiner claims his sexting is not a problem and that he is not a sex addict. He has in fact described himself as merely “a horny, middle aged man.”  Well I’m sure the majority of New Yorker’s do not want a lying, delusional, horny, middle age man  as their next mayor, what city would? Okay, there is San Diego’s mayor, but that’s a whole other story!

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