Barack's Tarmac Attack!


"The shot seen round the world."

“Please say it ain’t so ‘O’.” I can’t believe it! After all the warm and fuzzies I was beginning to feel for the O-man after Monday night’s speech, he goes and let’s me down already!  Come on O, an airport tarmac Barack Attack! And on a woman no less! I mean, really?  From the looks of it, with that finger in your face, it looks like she won the round. But you did get a consolation point when you turned and walk away, yeah you left her hanging in mid sentence. Bold move Mr. President. She later said she felt intimidated but she sure doesn’t look it in this photo. Looks like she’s got the upper hand. 

You should have known better than to go after the Governor of Arizona in such a public place, come on, she had home field advantage for god sake! Couldn’t your personal critique of her book have waited until you were somewhere a little more private? We all know you have a problem with Governor Jan. You two have been butting heads since Arizona passed their controversial immigration bill in 2010, a bill the governor says they passed as a direct result of your failure to see to it that federal immigration law is enforced  consistently.Pow! Gov. Jan struck the first blow, a solid body shot.

‘O’ responded by condemning the new law as discriminatory and setting the Justice Department loose on Arizona.They quickly sued to challenge the law. The case will come before the Supreme Court by midyear. The Obama Administration had urged the Justices to reject Governor Jan’s appeal, but they decided otherwise. Believe me the O-man is really worried, he can ill afford a pro Arizona decision in the middle of an election year. The Court will also be weighing in on O’s healthcare overhaul law. We’ll see how that goes. Things could get very ugly for the O-man.

Come on Barack, so you didn’t like the way she portrayed you in a section of her book. So what! And she says her visit to the Oval Office was not very cordial. Big Deal! Who really cares if White House Aides treated her and he party coldly or if the Secret Service confiscated their cell phones! So what if she thinks you spoke to her “condescendingly” or in a “lecturing tone.” Who really cares! Hell, you’re the President, it’s your Office, you can do and say whatever you want, however you want!

Until yesterday not that many people were reading her “Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media and Cynical Politicos to Secure America’s Border.” With a title like that I can understand why. Of course now that ‘O’ confronted her about the Oval Office passage,  her book is a runaway hit! Since the tarmac altercation book sales on Amazon have risen a whopping 150,398 %! Unbelievable! If you want to sell books just get your photo taken doing a little verbal sparring with the president. It also helps if you wave your finger in his face.

Tough break ‘O’. This is an election year and if you’re going to survive it you’d best thicken up that skin. You’re going to be taking a hell of a lot more shots along the campaign trail. It’s not going to be easy so choose your battles wisely my friend and be on your guard or this is going to be an incredibly long year. Yes, you definitely want visibility. So go out there and do a lot of smiling, shake a lot of hands and kiss some babies. You want your face out there for all of America to see, confident and strong, the face of a true leader that deserves to be re-elected.  A true picture of our American president, not one with someone going off on you with a finger in your face. Not good for re-election, not good at all.

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