"Being Childlike, Not Childish"

"I Love Being Childlike!"

Interesting sermon at church Sunday. Yes, that right, I’m still attending mass and I have to say I’m actually enjoying it this time around. It so different going to mass because I want to, rather than because I feel I have to. It feels good. Father’s homily focused on the following scripture:  “Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” This concept of being childlike is referred to often by Jesus in the New Testament and is essential in our salvation.

Father began his homily with the following short story about an adult who has decided to officially resign from the responsibilities of adulthood. Rather than retelling or paraphrasing I’m printing the piece in its entirety. Hope you enjoy it.

I am hereby officially tendering my resignation as an adult. I have decided I would like to accept the responsibilities of an eight-year-old again.

I want to go to McDonald’s and think that it’s a four-star restaurant. I want to think the world is fair. That everyone is honest and good.

I want to sail sticks across a fresh mud puddle and make a sidewalk with rocks.at’s right

I want to think M&Ms are better than money because you can eat them.

I want to run a lemonade stand with my friends on a hot summer’s day.

I want to return to a time when life was simple, when all you knew were colors, multiplication tables and nursery rhymes,  but that didn’t bother you because you didn’t know what you didn’t know and you  didn’t care.

All you knew was to be happy, because you were blissfully unaware of all the things that should make you worried or upset.

I want to think the world is fair. That everyone is honest and good.

I want to believe that anything is possible. I want to be oblivious to the complexities of life and be overly excited by the little things again.

I want to live simply again. I don’t want my day to consist of computer crashes, mountains of paperwork, depressing news, how to survive when there are more days in the month than there is money in the bank, doctor bills, gossip, illness and loss of loved ones.

I want to believe in the power of smiles, hugs, a kind word, truth, justice, peace, dreams, the imagination, mankind and making angels in the snow.

So here are my checkbook and my car keys, my credit card bills and my 401(k) statements. I am officially resigning from adulthood.

And if you want to discuss this further, you’ll have to catch me first because, “Tag! You’re it!”

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How cool would that be? A chance to be eight years young again, a third grader, can you imagine?  No worries, no pressures, other than some school work and a few chores maybe. I as much as anyone would love to go back and relive different periods of my life, some for the sheer pleasure of re-experiencing events, some in hopes that I could possibly change the outcome.

To be eight years old again, with all the silly hopes and dreams and things that used to mean so much to me. Every Saturday getting up early to watch TV, Mighty Mouse, Heckle and Jekle, Sky King – brought to you by Nabisco-o-o-o! Yeah Saturday morning were great.  Roy Rogers, Rin Tin Tin, The Lone Ranger and his faithful Indian companion Tonto,  Fury and King Leonardo and his faithful skunk servant Odio Cologne, and of course Rocky & Bullwinkle. So many Saturdays planted in front of the tube (black and white) balancing a bowl of cereal on my knee, oblivious to everything else, like I had all the time in the world. I could never understand about making plans, time really didn’t matter much to me. Yeah I think I’d really enjoy being eight again, but returning to the magic days of an eight year old wouldn’t really solve a damn thing.

Come on, how responsible would that be? I mean we are responsible adults right? How would our chance at a carefree existence affect those around us, those who rely on us? What would become of them if we decided to resign from adulthood? It would be a rather selfish act when you think about it, childish really, thinking only of ourselves, lightening our load at the expense of others by placing a bigger burden on those who count on us, who need us.

The scripture talks about being childlike, not childish. Childishness is when people are irresponsible and behave as if the world revolves around them. Childishness is when people make petty demands and selfish complaints. Resigning from adulthood although tempting would be a highly childish act of self gratification and not accomplish what Jesus has in mind for us. He doesn’t want us behaving like children, He wants us to leave behind childish ways and childish demands and simply wants us to have an undying childlike faith in Him.  He wants us to have a childlike sense of life, a sense of wonder, of pure joy, of  innocence, curiosity and  simplicity. He wants us to live in the moment as children do and reacquaint ourselves with the positive childlike qualities that can make us better Christians.

I urge everyone to really give this some thought. Sadly society has conditioned us for adulthood by weaning our childlike qualities out of us so we can be more productive citizens and consumers. The time is right to rediscover your positive childlike qualities and make them a part of your daily lives. This is exactly what God wants. He wants us to see the world through wide eyes of wonder and not cynicism. He wants us to be His spiritual children, Christlike with a heart of love and grace. He wants us to see others as He does with eyes of compassion.

Isn’t that what you really want? On some level you know it is. So do something about it. Discover the fountain of youth within you, for “He is the Life giving Water.”

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