"Boston Marathon Explosion: Looters or Do Gooders?"

be1r5duDid anyone happen to catch the video that began circulating the net Tuesday that captured images of people making off with Official 2013 Boston Marathon Jackets and other items immediately after the explosions that killed 3 and injured 176 on Monday? I know you’re probably thinking “he’s got to osBnDcEbe kidding, right?” No my friends I’m not kidding! It’s all right there on the video for all to see, human nature at its worst. I happened across it on Yahoo News yesterday and could not believe my eyes. It’s appalling to realize that there are such cold and contemptuous people out there. If this is what American Society has come to, then shame on us!
The video clearly shows hordes of people sorting through boxes of race merchandise that had been left unattended when official ran off to help the injured. You can see people gathered beneath the large pop-up shade going through jackets, shirts and other assorted clothing intended for the runners, apparently looking for particular sizes then casually walking away with their arms full of official race merchandise. Some are even wearing their stolen jackets already.
I tell you, watching the video they certainly don’t look like people who have just witnessed or been through a horrifying experience at all, but more like Sunday swap meet shoppers or yard sale lookey-loo’s searching for a bargain while only steps away people laid seriously injured, bleeding and fighting for their lives. How can people be so heartless? I can’t imagine being on the site of a major catastrophe and stopping to grab some free gear instead of trying to help or simply getting the hell away from there! What’s wrong with people today?
And as if that isn’t bad enough, already several of the items taken including race medals have found there way to Ebay! That’s right, and they are being bid on by other insensitive idiots out there. Are these people sick or what? Have they no feelings for those who lost their lives and those seriously injured in this attack? How crass.
Of course several people have come forward to defend these looters saying that we are jumping to conclusions and making false assumptions, offering up the the excuse that they were probably gathering up the jackets to use as pillows, blankets and tourniquets to aid injured victims. I highly doubt that. Apparently these defenders have yet to see the video. When watching the video it is quite apparent that these thieves are not thinking about the injured victims at all, they are not running up, grabbing jackets and running back the way they came, there is absolutely no sense of urgency at all as they peruse the merchandise. A few do appear nervous about helping themselves and look around suspiciously, but that’s about it. Sadly these looters are only interested in themselves and getting something for nothing which sadly for some seems to be the new “American Way.” It’s simply disgusting. These thieves should be ashamed of themselves.
Just Saying…
Check out the video yourselves and see what you think.  Looters or Do Gooders”?
You decide.”



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