"Bowl Game Over Load!"

I spent the better part of last night watching the 49ers kick the Steeler’s butt on MNF. Big Ben looked bad, no mobility. That ankle is still giving him a lot of problems. It was by no means pretty, but even hobbled the big man threw for 330 yards! He just couldn’t seem to find the end zone or make the big play to Wallace. It was Frisco’s night for sure, they looked like a team tuning up for the playoffs. Lacking the thrill of a real game Frisco threw in a little power outage just to shake things up. I don’t know if the black out was part of the defensive plan but even without it, it was lights out for Pittsburgh.

Funny, but there were a hell of a lot of ‘terrible towels’ throughout the stadium last night. I didn’t realize there were that many Steeler fans in the bay area, you’d expect the place to be packed with 49er fans, especially when they’re 11-3 and playoff bound! But Steeler fans greatly outnumbered 49er fans. I guess the dire economy forced thousands of 49er fans to sell out to local ticket brokers who got those tickets into the hands of hungry Steeler fans eager to see Big Ben lead their team to victory. Oh well, at least they got to see Ben! Something is better than nothing.

Seeing as how the game was so exciting (3-0 at the half) I thought I’d catch up with a little news between big plays maybe see what I missed over the weekend. I started with sports. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I’d missed the first bowl game of the season on Saturday the Gildan New Mexico Bowl! WTF? This is actually a bowl game played on a blue field? I guess so. Apparently it’s been around for five years and is already a tradition! Ha! As I read on I found that it was actually a triple loss for me, two other bowl games were played Saturday. the famous Idaho Potato Bowl and the all important R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl! The grand daddy of the three is the Potato Bowl. It got started all the way back in 1997, the R & L in 2001. Three insignificant bowl games featuring six mediocre teams: four 8 – 4, one 9 – 4 and one 7 -5 squaring off against each other! Oh yeah baby, must see football! Not! 

What is this? I remember when making a bowl game had a meaning. Only top twenty teams went to bowl games. In 1969, my senior year, there were ten bowl games. Ten! By 1979 there were 15 and by 1999 there were 25. This year there are 35 certified bowl games! Incredible! And the bowls all have sponsors even the granddaddy of them all the Rose Bowl! Of course old grand dad presents their corporate sponsor a little more subtly. Instead of the corprate name followed by the bowl name or the corporate name simply being the bowl name the Rose Bowl puts its sponsor at the end of the title “the Rose Bowl Game brought to you by Vizio.” Now that’s class Much better than the “Allstate Sugar Bowl”, “Discover Orange Bowl”, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl”, “Taxslayers.com Gator Bowl” or the God-awful “Little Cesar’s Pizza Bowl”!  It’s just a shame that the company Toy-let.net( yes it’s a real web based company) doesn’t have the resources to sponsor a bowl game. Can’t you see it? The “Toy-let.net Bowl”! Now that would be classic!

It’s all about the money. Sell the name to the highest bidder brings in big bucks. Adding  more bowl games means more colleges which means more money to be shared by schools and sponsors. Athletic departments love it.  They all want a piece of the action. This is the reason there will never be a playoff system in college football. Colleges say they don’t want to kill off the bowl tradition, but that’s simply not true. The real bowl tradition has been dead and buried for years now. This is about one thing only, making money. Going to a playoff system would shrink the money ball and just ain’t gonna happen!  Who wants to see a legitimate champion when you can see dollar $igns….

Just Saying…


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