Class of 72 Reunited!

Well your face is familiar, you haven’t changed a bit,                                                                          Hell of a reunion isn’t it? Well isn’t it?                                                                                                        Yeah your face is so familiar but your names has slipped away,                                                   after all its been forty years give or take a day.                                                                                     Let’s take a trip down memory lane, there’s magic in the air.                                                          They say you cant go home again  but – I’m there.                                                                                Glad to be here with all of you class of 72…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 JS

Class of 72

Had a great weekend in beautiful, fair weather San Diego this weekend. I took my wife and brother-in-law down Saturday morning to attend their 40th high school reunion. Her brother is actually a year older (they share the same birthday), but they were both in the same graduating class, the Pomona High School Red Devils Class of 72!

When I first learned about the reunion and its location I told my wife I didn’t want to attend. All I could think about was the PHS 10 year reunion and what a disaster that had been! Not knowing anyone at a reunion sucks! Actually I did know a few people but everyone was so busy reconnecting and trying to impress one another that I spent most of the time quietly observing. Yeah it was pretty boring. She wasn’t real thrilled that I didn’t want to go but said she would ask her brother if he wanted to go with her. I told her that would be great and that I would drive them down to San Diego and deliver and pick them up from the reunion.

Well her brother didn’t want to go. Nothing she said seemed to convince him otherwise. So it appeared no one was going. As time passed I could tell she was very disappointed so in May I bit the bullet, and as much as I really didn’t want to go, I got on to the reunion website and gathered some information. I figured I could pay for the tickets online without her knowledge and surprise her as the reunion got closer. I figured that everyone was older now and that whole pretentious “see how successful I am” thing had been left in the past. I mean these people were all nearly 58 years old, I was pretty sure they had to be comfortable with who they had become by now, right? Besides I could handle one night. After all it could have been worse, through the years she could have insisted on going to every class reunion, but had never asked about going to another reunion until now. Besides I knew she would be really surprised when I told her we were going.

Well it wasn’t meant to be. The very week I was going to purchased the tickets the reunion God’s smiled favorably upon me and spared me the reunion torment. One night as we were watching TV the phone rang, it was “the call that changed it all.” My brother-in-law it seems had talked to some people going to the reunion and had a change of heart. Now he wanted to go to the reunion and wanted his sister to go as well. He even offered to pay for her ticket! Suddenly the original plan was back in place my wife was going with her brother, I was driving them, he was paying for her ticket and we would cover the cost of a room. Sometimes things work out even better than we expect don’t they?  Of course there was one minor downside to the plan. There was to be a barbecue on the beach the following day and they wanted to attend for at least a couple of hours. I of course said that wouldn’t be a problem, and it wasn’t

Saturday evening I dropped them off at the appointed time at the Bali Hai Restaurant on Shelter Island, where they spend the night visiting and catching up with an intimate group of about 50 friends. And while they reunited I sat in the bar/dining room upstairs and had dinner and a drink. I then went back to our room enjoyed a few beer as I watched USC completely destroy Hawaii, then did a little writing. It was a very pleasant evening. When my wife called I drove back to the restaurant about a half mile away and picked them up. I could tell immediately that they had  both had a wonderful time. They wore smiles from ear to ear.

The picnic on the beach the following day was fun. There was one person there that I knew  from dealings we’ve had in recent years and another I actually remembered from way back in 72. He was just as friendly now as he had been at my wife’s (then girlfriends) and brother-in-law’s graduation party! It was great seeing him again. I also got to meet several of my wife’s classmates. They made me feel quite comfortable and I had a very pleasant time engaged in conversation with them. They had indeed grown into their skin and were quite comfortable with who they have become. A gathering of good people, reliving a moment in time, a bunch of regular Joes. I felt rather foolish for having expected anything less. My original doubts had been completely unwarranted.

There was talk of trying to put together a yearly dinner or some sort of get-together. I tell you, I hope they do. I look forward to it. And yes, if my wife wants to attend the 45th or 50th reunion and I’m still around, I’ll be going with her!

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