Come On Cal Trans Fix The Bleepin' Problem!

bumper-to-bumper (1)On Monday morning I hopped onto the 210 west at San Dimas Ave hoping to find a condition called “Monday Light.” I know that sounds strange especially for a Monday but every now and then it happens and the freeway is just moving along smoothly. Sometime it even happens on Friday’s as well. That condition is called, you guessed it, “Friday Light.”  I’m not exactly sure what causes it except maybe people extending their weekends by taking a much needed personal or sick day. All I know is that it was definitely not a “Monday Light” not even close.

As I approached the San Dimas Curve traffic came to a screeching halt. I figured there must have been an accident up ahead somewhere. I was past the Lone Hill off ramp so I had to ride it out at least to Sunflower Ave.  As I inched my way along I soon saw what was causing most of the tie up. To the right of me I could see the two feeder lanes that merge onto the 210 west from the 57 frwy, were heavily congested. There are signals on both lanes designed to break up traffic and allow only  two car to enter the freeway at a time. My biggest complaint is that the intervals between cars isn’t long enough to help congestion. Well Monday the signals weren’t working at all. What a mess.

Even after I cleared that particular mess, traffic continued to inch along at a snails pace. Soon I was able to see the problem.  Off on the shoulder of the road were two cars that had been involved in a minor rear-ender. The highway patrol was on the scene taking a report but all the lookey-loos were  slowing things down. Once I got past the accident the freeway began to move a much better. I went from 1 or 2 mph to maybe 35 mph. I was able to make it the Grand ave offramp before traffic slowed down again. Surprisingly I was only 12 minutes late for work.

Okay so yesterday I didn’t take the freeway to work and stuck to surface streets instead. They were more congested than usual but I figured it was a lot of drivers like me looking for an alternative to the freeway. At least we were moving at close to the posted speed limit. I easily made it to work on time. I really thought that Cal Trans would be out to fix those signals and get them operating again. Fat chance.

Today, assuming that the signals had been repaired and running late, I got on the freeway. Okay so I’m stupid what else is new. I know assumption is the mother of all screw ups, still I had faith that Cal Trans had done their job and all was well. Needless to say traffic at the curve was just as heavy as on Monday and those damn signals were still out. Apparently cal Trans was busy elsewhere repairing our roadways and making them safe. Yeah right! Probably on an extended coffee break or managing trash pickup along the freeways somewhere.

So what’s the dealio with Cal Trans anyway? Aren’t they responsible for the maintenance and operation of our freeway system? Isn’t keeping those signal working part of their responsibility? Those signals need to be operational at peak traffic times to assist in alleviating congestion. Come on Cal Trans get with the program. There are thousands of drivers every morning on the San Dimas Curve and 210 freeway who are counting on you to make their drive a little bit smoother and a lot less stressful. Can you give drivers a break and get those damn lights fixed?

Thankfully I only have 16 more days of driving to work in the morning. I tell you I will not miss the congestion, madness and occasional road rage of my morning commute. I suppose it’s not really fair to call my 6.5 mile drive a commute when some drivers are travelling 20, 30, 40 miles or more one way. God bless them. Hopefully one day there will be less congestion on our freeways and their drive will be more enjoyable. Yeah right! Like that’s going to happen! Actually come June 7th there will be one less vehicle out there in the morning madness, mine! Yeah I sure am looking forward to retirement.

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