"Cops Who Kill"

In recent weeks we have seen juries reach guilty verdicts in two high profile murder cases in which the defendants were police officers, one a CHP, the other a detective with the LAPD. Interestingly enough in both cases the killers were women. The CHP officer was convicted of shooting her husband in the head with her service weapon, while the LA detective was convicted of beating, then shooting the wife of her former lover. Killer cops, Wow!  Killer Woman Cops! Double wow!

Violent women, just don’t fit our perception of women and their role in society. Women  have always been seen as the kinder, gentler sex, they are caring and maternal. Men have always been the aggressors, we are the hunters, the risk takers, while women are the gatherers, the child bearers. How could they possibly evolve into cold blooded, ruthless killers? Some people believe that a women capable of killing is an oddity, an abnormality, but experts and researchers say otherwise they believe that some women are as capable of cold blooded killing as a man. They say interpretations about female violence are inaccurate because they are made by male researchers and based on the ideal of  what women are supposed to be like, instead of on what they are really like. The fact is women kill, and they kill for the same reasons as men and employ much the same methods.

Women tend to be more notorious for killing their own children, followed by husbands and boyfriends. In the past decade the news has been filled with reports of mothers who have killed their children, by drowning, fire, shooting, hatchet, and more, but they kill others as well, oh yeah they do! In fact I was just reading that 17% of serial killers are women. Can you believe that?

Which brings us back to these two recently convicted woman police officers. The CHP officer swore she had long been a victim of domestic abuse and killed in self defense after a heated argument along the side of the road in Compton. She says her husband had pulled the keys from the ignition and began grabbing for her purse which contained her service weapon. She believed he was after her gun so fearing for her life, she struggled with him over the gun which she finally gained possession of, and shot him in the head. But instead of calling 911 immediately she chose to drive for a few more miles to her parents home with his body in the car, then called 911 from there. It took the jury only one day of deliberation to find her guilty.

Now the LAPD detective’s case is more intriguing, like something from the show ‘Cold Case’. The actual murder took place back in 1986, the detective wasn’t arrested until December 2009 when old DNA evidence taken from a bite mark on the victims body that apparently occurred during the attack was matched to the detective. Testimony revealed that the detective then a street officer had been spurned by her lover who then went on to marry the victim. The detective proceeded to stalk the victim and ultimately confronted her in the couples home where they struggled. The detective finally managed to subdue the victim by breaking a glass vase over her head then shot her. A week later she reported her gun stolen.

Can you imagine this women cold in a fit of rage and jealousy killed a woman in cold blood then calmly went on about her business, remaining with the police force and rising to the rank of detective. I’m sure she probably believed she had gotten away with murder. For 23 years she lived with her dark secret until a couple of cold case detectives and good old DNA evidence, brought her to justice. Although she continued to proclaim her innocence during the entire trial, the jury deliberated less than a day before finding her guilty. I tell you, this is the stuff movies are made of! Incredible!

I’ve got to tell you, somehow the idea that peace officers sworn to uphold the law, cross the  line they’ve promised to defend and commit murder, troubles me. I mean I know that the majority of police are the ‘good guy’ but a few bad cops can really stink up the works. I have to wonder how many more violent men and women are out there hiding behind a badge. It calls into question the numerous acts of violence committed by police officers across the country, all the shootings, beatings, tassings, and other mistreatment of suspected criminals that occur  under the ‘color of law’, are they all really justified or are they possibly the work of cold blooded killers? A badge and uniform offers an awful lot of protection. Some of the ‘Cop’s Gone Wild’ video we’ve seen on the news  suggests that we’ve got a hell of a problem! We’ve got to ask ourselves, are the incidents involving police officers and brutality, or unjustified shootings just the tip of the ice burg? What about the all that doesn’t get recorded or goes unwitnessed? Is there a smattering of sociopaths who have infiltrated  police departments everywhere wrecking havoc on the public? God I really hope not, but  given the state of all things police…one has to wonder.

Just Saying…


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