“Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kids” Part Two


images (1)Okay, let’s recap, monkey number one chooses to see nothing and monkey number two chooses to hear nothing. Monkey number three who is covering his mouth apparently says nothing. Does this mean that he has nothing to say? I doubt that. He simply chooses not to say anything. How many times my friends in the course of a normal day do we choose to remain silent even when we know that we should speak up. Too many of us content ourselves with going on about our business without saying a word, even when the situation may warrant it.

So, not only do we choose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear on unjust or intolerable situations, we also choose to remain silent. Even when we can see that someone is troubled or in pain and there is something that we could say that might bring them comfort or ease their pain, we don’t, or should I say we won’t. Why, when we might actually be able to make a difference? Could it be because keeping quiet is the path of least resistance and keeping our mouths shut will usually keep us out of trouble or unwanted situations.

God knows, we certainly don’t want to be inconvenienced, we don’t have the time for that, our lives are much too busy. Unfortunately our decision to keep quiet sometimes results in or aggravates problems for others, but that’s okay, as long as we’re not affected and our little world remains untouched. “What we have here, is failure to communicate.” “Like monkey number three “we say nothing… Nothing!”

That brings us to monkey number four. Number four completes the tetrad, he is the end result. See nothing + Hear nothing + Say nothing = Do nothing. That’s right,  we fail to act. God forbid,  we should ever take action as a result of an observation or perception. We could never physically involve ourselves in someone else’s situation, that would be asking way too much of us. We could be injured, besides it’s non of our business! As I said before, if it doesn’t affect us, it’s okay to look the other way and “do nothing…Nothing!”

That’s a total load of crap! It is our responsibility to act, we should be willing to  help one another. What does looking the other way, selective listening, biting our tongue and doing nothing, say about our human condition. Have we really become cold, callous automatons who go through life with blinders on? Unless someone is  a blood relative or a close personal friend, we don’t have the time or inclination to give them our attention, our compassion? How sad? The time has come for all of us to take a close look at where we are headed. Our world, our lives extend way beyond the protective walls we have constructed around ourselves. Our purpose for living is to fulfill our potential to become whole. Wholeness begins with understanding and compassion and is reached by searching inwardly. We can no longer ignore our inner voice our guiding light.

The road to wholeness is not an easy one but it will lead to inner peace and love. Filled with love, we are able to see beyond our walls and realize who and what we are. We begin to feel God within us and realize our responsibility to one another. We see the world through new eyes. Do you think God would ever look the other way or fail to get involved? I think not. We need to become lovers of life and reflect that love to all, yes even total strangers!

There is a lesson to be learned from the four wise monkeys, and that lesson is caution. Their four positions exemplify extreme caution and many of us approach our lives in just that way, so much so that we shut everything out and fail to act.  I say we should approach life cautiously yes, but not exclusively.  Instead we need to remove our blinders and see, observe, witness! Uncover our ears and listen, discover and analyze! Open our mouths and  talk, address, discuss! And finally after careful scrutiny, we must then take action! Sounds simple doesn’t it! So easy even a monkey could do it!

Just Saying…


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