"Do We Really Need World Peace?"

"The wayward elbow of Peace"

Well Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace is no stranger to suspensions and fines. He’s had ten since 2003. This time around he’s drawn a seven game suspension for flagrantly swinging an elbow into the head of James Harden on national TV. This means he’ll miss the final regular season game and round one of the playoffs as well as a loss of about $350,000 in pay. His reckless antics on the court which drew the suspension have been replayed so many times now that I’d be surprised if it hasn’t been seen by everyone. And of course everyone has an opinion.

Was the flying elbow at the end of an intensely demonstrative  dunk celebration intentional or accidental? Did World Peace see Harden or not? Peace claims it was unintentional, but the video seems to show otherwise. Personally I don’t understand what the hell Harden was doing so close in to Peace’s space between plays anyway? He had no reason to be right up on him. Hell, you’ve seen the video you decide.

Wayward Elbow of Peace video   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDWRjJ5nQFU

But then Peace is no stranger to wildly thrown elbows and flagrant fouls. This is his third suspension for throwing an elbow. He was called for elbowing in 2004, 2006 and now again in 2012. In fact this guy has been suspended for not only elbowing, but shoving and slapping players, fighting with his coach, flipping off the crowd, and having a tizzy fit after a loss in which he destroyed a television monitor and camera. And let’s not forget his 86 game suspension and $5million loss for taking part in what was one of the worst sports brawls of all time when he and other players went into the crowd and duked it out with fans! Pretty wild!  So again I ask you, was it intentional? Hmm, one has to wonder…. 

I tell you, Peace ought to use his time off wisely and really think this thing through. He’s demonstrated a complete disregard for the rules of the game throughout his career. What’s he going to do next, bite off another players ear?  There’s no place in basketball for the kind of flagrant fouling an unsportsmanlike conduct he has demonstrated throughout his career. All I can say is that Peace better get his shit together soon before it’s ‘Peace out’ (of the NBA) and the game goes on with no Peace at all…

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