Donald Trump: Make America Great Again


“Make America Great Again!”

Look out GOP, no matter how much it may make your skin crawl, it’s looking more and more like Trump’s your man!  Even after all the mud slinging, the name calling, accusations, and nasty public service announcements, he still winning primaries. Not even GOP superstar Mitt Romney’s mean mouthed, trash talking attack last week could slow the Trump machine down. In fact the move may have actually backfired. On Tuesday just days after the vicious Mitt attack, Trump went on to win in three out of four state primaries. Shows you just how influential Mitt really is doesn’t it?

It doesn’t seem to matter who or what the GOP throws at the Donald, the Trump Express just continues to roll on, leaving the GOP Trump Resistance Movement scrambling but not yet ready to give up. Many are vowing to continue the resistance even if Trump wins big in next Tuesday’s five primaries. Of particular interest are the races in Ohio and Florida the home states of Republican candidates John Kasich and Marco Rubio. If either fails to win in their home states it will likely end their presidential campaigns. To date Rubio has won only one primary and Kasich, who many believe is the best hope for the Republican Party, has failed to win any at all.  But no matter what happens Tuesday there is no doubt that the Trump Resistance Movement will continue.

Although there are signs that some Republicans are softening their stance on the Trump candidacy, a sizable number will fight Trump all the way to the convention and beyond.  If they can’t stop Trump, they hope to at least slow him down and deny him the majority of delegates he needs to win the nomination outright which would lead to a contested convention, one in which the nomination could be stolen from Trump and awarded to someone else. Many believe this would be disastrous for the GOP and force Trump to run as an Independent which would further splinter the party and most certainly guarantee a Democratic victory in November.

Over the next few months it will be interesting to see if more Republicans soften their stance and accept Trump, albeit reluctantly, as their candidate. If that happens the weakened Resistance will be hard pressed to find a way to stop Trump. The big question is whether a majority of Republicans will decide to get behind Trump or remain firm that supporting Trump is simply not an option. And if they decide the latter, things will be get even uglier. No matter what happens my friends the road to the November election should be an interesting one. I believe the phrase ” You ain’t seen nothing yet” is appropriate.

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