"Drinking Buddies of America"

Last November my wife and I attended an outdoor reception for the passing of a close friend’s father. I was having a beer with a few of the guys I grew up with when we were joined by a couple of their thirty five year old sons. It seems that one of them was interested in either joining a club or lodge or maybe starting his own. We talked about a few organizations like the Moose Lodge and Eagles, then I jokingly mentioned a mock club we had back in the day called the DBA. (Drinking Buddies of America) which wasn’t really a club per say, but was more like a fellowship, just a bunch of friends getting together to share a common interest. In the case of the DBA that common interest was drinking beer and having a good time. We talked and laughed a little bit about it and moved on.

A few days later I received an email from Brian S., the young man looking for a club, requesting whatever info I could recall about the DBA, as he was seriously considering resurrecting it. This is what I put together for him:

The DBA (Drinking Buddies of America) started as a sort of running gag. a parody of a car club we belonged to back then called the EZ Ryders As I recall it was in the winter of 1971 while ingesting mass quantities of Budweiser, the king of beers, that Brian Muldrow and I came up with this crazy idea of starting a club whose main function was drinking and partying. Brian had gotten the idea from a 1967 Frank Zappa song called “America Drinks and Goes Home,” a funny song about the singer of a bar band addressing the audience at closing time. The final line of the song “LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL! Drink it up, folks. Wonnerful!”

Brian really liked the theme of the song, drink, have fun and go home. We began kicking around the idea of forming a club whose sole purpose was to find reasons, no matter how lame, to get together and do some serious partying. We then shared the idea with a couple of other friends, Bob and Dave and after several more hours of beer and brainstorming,  we came up with our club names. Those that I can remember are:                                                  Grand Caribou – Bob P. (our fearless leader)                                                                              Drunken Gazelle – Brian M.                                                                                                            Super Soused  Squirrel – me                                                                                                    Zonked Out Zebra – Dave M.                                                                                                    Crashed Out Crow – Steve C.                                                                                                              Inebriated Elephant – Everett T.                                                                                                      Dingy Dopey Dove – Dave R.                                                                                                              There were more, I just can’t recall them.

And so the DBA was born!                                                                                                                 Ah the creative genius of drunken twenty-something year olds!

To be continued


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