Dump the Trump

donald-trump“Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States, Donald Trump.”               OMG are we in trouble. Even in my wildest dreams I can’t imagine Donald Trump as our president? Can you? Apparently some can. Recent polls of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents show that 24% favor Trump, while his closest competitor Governor Scott Walker has only 13% and good old boy Jeb Bush only 12%. The other 14 GOP presidential hopefuls are all at less than 8%. Yes at this point and time the Donald is the GOP front runner even after his weekend verbal attack on Senator John McCain Vietnam War hero status and other controversial comments on Mexican immigrants. Mr. Double Comb-Over has a way of putting his foot in his mouth and keeping it there.

When I think of Donald Trump several words come to mind, words like clown, jackass, buffoon, pompous, brash, moron, loony and many more, but presidential? No way, no how! Now I’m not saying he would be a bad president, I’m saying he’d be a terrible president!  Oh sure he’s got some redeeming qualities that would give him an excellent advantage as president, his business experience and negotiation skills are certainly a plus. He’s an incredible negotiator and has  worked out several complex deals with business and industry, governments and investors worldwide. His experiences have given him some very interesting behind the scenes connections and information that would be very useful as president.

Because of his vast wealth he definitely would not fall victim to lobbyist and special interest groups and would be beholding to no one. He is his own man and enjoys being in charge and calling the shots, he doesn’t like being manipulated or controlled by anyone. He is also a strong advocate of free enterprise and believes in smaller government and less regulation. Add to this his overwhelming sense of self confidence and strong personality and you’ve got the makings of a powerful world leader. Sounds like the man for the job doesn’t he? But believe me he’s not.

With Donald Trump what you see is what you get. He’s out there for all to see. There will be no new startling revelations about Donald during this campaign, no sir, his dirty laundry been hanging out on the line for quite some time now.  We know who and what he is, and as far as I can tell he’s an arrogant, loud mouthed egomaniac who enjoys being a bully. He’s a self absorbed powermonger who craves attention, nothing else matters except that he comes out on top. He likes to win at all costs and has often been accused of being untrustworthy and using allegedly fraudulent practices by some who have done business with him. These concerns about trust and corruption are a major problem for Trump or any presidential candidate.

Another major drawback is his bombastic, larger than life persona. Some like his “tell it like it is” approach. But  he is so used to being the boss and pushing his ideas and demands through with little opposition. He knows nothing of team building or working out a compromise which is what a president must be able to do. He won’t be able to simply do as he wishes in the Washington, he can’t stand before Congress and rant and rave or make demands. He won’t be able to use his well known phrase of “You’re Fired” up on the hill.

Then of course there’s his big mouth which is always getting him in trouble. He has a track record of saying things in interviews and speeches and even Twitter, that have little basis of fact and usually result in major embarrassment for him, and now the GOP. His comments often appear to be off the cuff and uninformed. He doesn’t seem to have a handle on topics of importance and often relies on his gut feelings. Some of his comments since announcing that he was running have racial undertones and assert that Blacks and Mexicans commit most of the major crime in the US. His comments on the type of Mexican immigrants crossing into the US was nothing more than an unnecessary  attack on Mexicans although he did try to throw a Band Aid on the comment by saying “And some, I assume, are good people.” Sure, now he says that his comment was taken out of context and was meant to focus attention on the US immigration policy. Yeah right.  Then there was last weeks attack on John McCain’s status as a Vietnam War hero.

The Trump said it and is standing by what he said. He refuses to apologize. His unrestrained ego won’t let him. I guess being rich means never having to say your sorry. I guess no one ever taught this man to think before he speaks, or the fine art of tongue biting.

Yeah this is the man who wants to be our next president. The GOP is embarrassed and would love to see Trump just fade away. But believe me he isn’t going anywhere. Although he’s an embarrassment to not only the GOP but the entire nation, he’ll stay the course that he has started. His closest adviser told him too, and you probably know who that is, the man in the mirror. And what’s with that crazy doo of his anyway?


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  1. Paul McCully says:

    Yea Trump is a joke most people know that. The only reason the polls are up is because people like the fact that he is upsetting the political correct crowd, not that they would really vote for him, its way to early to decide on someone. He says whatever he wants and if people don’t like it to bad. Not that I agree with some of the things he says but I would love to see everybody open up like that, then we would know what the politicians are really thinking. the problem with Trump is the media focuses on him because he is such a showboat. Focus on the idiot Trump so you won’t focus on Hillary and her baggage.The sad thing about the media is that they just want theatrics rather then taking a serious look at the other candidates. We need a serious contender that will be willing to take the heat from the so called status quo, its time to tell it like it really is. Our country is going bankrupt over 17 trillion in DEBT! Come on! Stop listening to the talking empty heads on the networks and see what is really going in.
    Our country is going off the deep end. The federal govt is out of control from EPA, IRS to NSA. The America I grew up in is gone. People are afraid to speak up against anything without being called a racist or a homophobe or heartless. Look at all the silly crap around us. 135,00 dollar fine because a Christian baker felt uncomfortable creating a wedding cake for two lesbians, he had sold items to them before but just didn’t want to be forced to participate in something he himself felt was against his personal beliefs. If you can’t discriminate against certain behaviors what can you discriminate against, where is you freedom? Where is you religious freedom if you can’t practice it in your daily life. Baby parts are harvested from Plan Parenthood so the California state attorney is going after the people who made the video that brought this to our attention, rather then focus on the abortion mill. Black lives matter? How many have Plan Parenthood killed.
    I didn’t mean to get off the track but I’m tired of all the theatrics from Trump to Bruce Jenner, in which they praise him for becoming a women because he thinks he is one on the inside. Did you know their are people who think one of their legs or arms don’t belong to them, in other words they believe that they should have been born without them. Some have actually removed them. Should we praise them when they cut them off ? I have compassion for all these people because I know they suffer but you will never make me doubt myself that something inside went wrong. I am not going down with the rest of this society. Enough is enough. In the bible it says that their will come a time when wrong is right and right is wrong . I think we’re there.

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