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images (4)The Nuclear Family. What an incredible alliance! Fathers, mothers and their children. Everyone has a family or had one. My sympathy to those who may have been orphaned or never knew your parents or siblings, for the time spent with family is precious. I can only hope that you became a member of a family who raised you as one of their own.

I look at my family and see my life partner of 40 years, my lovely wife, who has stayed with me through some extremely rough times and put up with me through thick and thin, never giving up on me. I’ve got to tell you, if the roles were reversed I don’t know if I could have hung in there like she did. I’m not a quitter, but I don’t think I could have put up with some of my shit! But somehow she managed and here we are still together. Yeah she’s an incredible lady, bursting with life, always giving, always looking out for the welfare of her family, friends and even strangers. A truly remarkable  woman of purpose. Even a bout with breast cancer couldn’t keep her down for long.

I see my three children, young adults making their way through life. Each successful in their own way, all truly fortunate. Each equally loved by their mother and I. Two have had the good fortune to meet and marry truly wonderful, patient, life partners, who thankfully can tolerate the traits of our gene pool. And my youngest who has yet to find that special someone but is patiently looking.  Yes my children are truly fortunate as I am to be their father.

My daughter, the eldest of my children, a beautiful young woman and an incredible person, working hard at being a good  wife, mother and teacher. She has accomplished so much already.  I see her on the precipice of some major life changing event, very close to becoming, by that I mean she is nearly in touch with her true nature, her inner being, her true sense of self. I sense that true inner peace is within her grasp.

I look at my eldest son and see a young man striving for success, a hard working individual, husband and father. A man who isn’t afraid of hard work, who is always ready to tackle a job, always  willing to learn and do whatever it takes to be successful.  A man who has become more comfortable with who he is and what he feels. A man on the “road to find out,” moving forward, making his way through life.

I see my youngest son still in the beginning stages of his life journey. Just three years out of college and already a senior computer analyst for Kaiser-Permanente. A young man filled with the hopes, dreams, wonder and fears we all had at twenty-six. A young man whose already proven himself to be a very level-headed, honest and compassionate person. A man with a plan. So optimistic and self assured. He’s definitely got what it takes to make it big in this crazy world of ours. I’m sure my wife would agree with me when I say that our children are our greatest accomplishments in life!  I thank God for blessing us with them.

And as I look at my children I can see bits and pieces of myself in their ways and attitudes, but it is my oldest son who reminds me most of myself as a young man. The dreams, struggles, anger and uncertainties he has faced are similar to what I experienced. Neither of us had the good sense to heed the advice of others, preferring instead to make choices which resulted in having to learn things the hard way. We both have taken our lumps in the real world. My other two children are quite alike, they tend to listen, evaluate and then make an informed decision on what action to take. They have a “think before you leap” philosophy, while my eldest son and I have shared a more “leap first, think later” mentality. Like myself, we tended to learn things the hard way, but as he grows older he has become more conscientious in his approach.  Oh well, we all have our own paths to follow.

images (3)My family, I’m so proud of them. I love them without measure. Oh, believe me, it isn’t always easy, we have our moments. But what would you expect, from five idiosyncratic individuals.  Obviously we don’t always see eye to eye, but no matter what the problem, we manage to find a way to work through things and move on, because that’s what families do, and we are family! We are kindred spirits. I wouldn’t want it any other way…

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