"Fantasy Football Fiasco"

"Are You Ready For Some Football?

To die hard football fans “football isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” From the pre-games of August thru the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl in January fans everywhere live, breath, eat, and drink football. In cities fortunate enough to have a team, faithful fans fill the stadium week after week to cheer their team to victory! While the rest of us are glued to our sets or frequenting our local sports bar to catch the action of our favorite local or long distance teams. The consumption of beer, pizza, hot wings, chips and dip etc. is simply a by-product of the game itself, and highly encouraged! In my home Sunday Night Football at Uncle John’s is well on the way to becoming tradition! We may not meet every Sunday night but we meet when we can!

There was a time in the not so distant past when baseball was America’s favorite pastime. I could never understand it. don’t get me wrong, I like baseball and am an Angels fan, but the two sports are worlds apart. About the only thing they have in common is a ball you toss and catch, and running!  Both games involve hitting but in one you use your entire body while the other requires a bat. Comedian George Carlin had a great baseball vs football skit. I’ve included it here.


George Carlin Baseball vs Football





Although baseball remains quite popular,  for several years now football has claimed the number one spot. For decades Sunday mornings, afternoons and Monday nights were reserved for football and we were happy!  But times change and as football’s popularity grew so did TV coverage. Soon we had a national Sunday night game, a Thursday night game and for the last few weeks of the season and through the playoffs we even have a couple of games on Saturdays. Still fanatics couldn’t get enough.

Then DirecTV came on board and soon we had the NFL package and for a price, each Sunday we could access all the NFL games and we were in football heaven! And as if that wasn’t enough along comes ESPN Fantasy Football to help fill any football void that may still exist. Soon everyone’s in a fantasy league, drafting, trading and smack talking! Football madness!! Isn’t it wonderful?

So across the land fantasy fanatics are preparing for or are in the midst of the playoff season, in our league appropriately titled “Any Given Sunday” we are entering the second round of the playoffs. Unfortunately my fantasy season came to an end . After going 9-4 and claiming the top seed in our league my “Buzz Kills” were eliminated in round one of the playoffs by the 8th seed team “Elena’s Regulators.” Sadly the top two teams don’t get a bye in round one as they do in some leagues. That would have been a nice bonus for coming in first.

Yeah, my team just didn’t come to play last weekend. My QB Michael Vick, let me down big time with a grand total of 10 points! He had a very disappointing season. My ace RB  Michael Turner had a dismal  7 points and two of my receivers Malcom Floyd and Michael Wallace combined for a mind-blowing 9 points!  Not a very good week for the Michaels, not good at all. I still managed to gain 144 points, but fell far short of a win. My 8th seed opponent smashed me! Her team who hadn’t really shown up much during the season, arrived at just the right moment, scoring a whopping 187 points, earning not only the win and advancing to round 2, but high score of the week as well!  Awesome job Elena!

I can’t deny that I had visions of going back to the Super Bowl again. (I won the SB 2 years ago) but I’m a firm believer in the “Any Given Sunday” philosophy. It all depends on who you choose to start and if they show up to play. Besides I did the same thing two years ago when I was the #8 seed and I knocked off the #1 team in Round One of the playoffs on my way to a SB win!  I wish Elena’s Regulators the best of luck and hope she goes all the way! I can’t think of a more deserving team. Besides I enjoy rooting for the underdog.

As for me I can now sit back and enjoy the rest of the season and not worry about who I’m starting or who I left sitting on the bench. All that’s left to do is lick my wounds, cry in my beer  and imagine what might have been …

Just Saying…



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