"Farewell Old Friend: Until We Meet Again"

“When good men/women die their goodness does not perish, but lives though they are gone.”           Euripides

Nancy Clark

Well, we’ve lost another one of the good ones. Our dear friend and colleague Nancy Snyder Clark passed away last night, succumbing to the debilitating effects of  pancreatic cancer. For two years she faced her ordeal like a true champion and valiantly gave the “Big C” a hell of a fight. For awhile there one could almost believe  that she would beat it by the shear force of her will alone, but that wasn’t to be. God had other plans for her.

It’s hard to imagine life at Azusa High School without Nancy. I first met her back in the summer of 1997 when I interviewed for the counseling position at AHS. She was a member of the interview panel. I was so nervous the morning of the interviews, walking into the conference room and discovering  that there were like 12 people on the panel didn’t help much, but each time I would glance in her direction she would give me this look of reassurance which believe me, was extremely helpful. I got the job and for the next 14 plus years I had the good fortune of working with Nancy. Like myself she too was an Azusa High graduate who in true Aztec spirit chose to give back to the community by returning to work at her alma mater.  She was one of the finest teachers I have had the pleasure to have known. She was compassionate, caring and understanding, with a genuine  passion for working with students. I don’t remember ever seeing her angry at a student. Upset,yes, concerned, definitely, but never angry.

Yes, Nancy was one of the good ones. She will be sorely missed by students and staff alike. I will especially miss our conversations both student related and casual. I will miss kidding around with her for she had a terrific sense of humor! She was truly one of a kind. She had heart! Nancy faced her cancer ordeal with the same courage, strength and determination she demonstrated throughout her teaching career. She was no quitter! The woman had moxie! Her fortitude, spirit and love of life, should  serve as an example to us all as to how we should face each and everyday of our lives! 

Farewell old friend… Until we meet again…





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6 Responses to "Farewell Old Friend: Until We Meet Again"

  1. janene says:

    I feel so fortunate to have known her and to have inherited a bunch of teaching material when I first began teaching at AHS. Her relationship with Ernie….and their joking around always made me laugh. For St. Patricks Day last month we sent her a card with a picture of Obama. We are sure she had a good laugh. We could both imagine the hoopla Ernie would have put people through had he still worked there during the election… It would have been fun for sure!!! She was a fighter and she will surely be
    missed by many. Our thoughts and prayers continue for her family and dear friends.

  2. Michelle Castro says:

    R.I.P Mrs. Clark as much as I hated P.E I truely enjoyed her class and she made a great deal of difference in my life, she touched many lives in a beautiful way. She had true Aztec pride, strength, and courage. My condolences to her family for there lost.

  3. Marina Beltran-Hodge says:

    R.I.P Ms. Clark, you were my favorite teacher! I’ll remember you always!

  4. Paula urieta says:

    :'( you will be missed

  5. lori lagunas roman says:

    She is forever known in my heart as Miss Snyder…english teacher, volleyball and softball coach for 4 years. She was truly dedicated to her students and players. I was lucky enough to talk to her this past June. Lucky to have known her. I have a true Angel on my side. You will be missed!! 🙂

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