"Fecal Matter Occurs: That's Life"

We are all familiar with the slang phrase “Shit Happens,” excrement or shit in this case referring to untimely, painful, unpleasant or troublesome occurrences we all deal with in our daily lives.  I’m not sure who actually coined the phrase but it is a pretty accurate description. For the record Forrest Gump was not the creator of the now famous phrase. It is believed the phrase evolved from a line from an extremely popular, old 1941 daily radio show in which at the end of one episode one of the two main character utters the phrase “Stuff happens, don’t it? Stuff happens.” In time the word stuff was replaced by ‘shit’ and the rest is history.

I’m sure we can all agree, ‘shit’ does happen,  has always happened, is happening now and will continue to happen. ‘Shit’ is  an unavoidable fact of life, it’s the stuff that happens to us that we all have to deal with at some time or other. Shit is inevitable, we can’t hide from it, believe me I’ve tried, “Shit’ will find you, you can count on it.

And when it does find you do you adopt the “shit happens,” attitude to your particular circumstance and simply move on or do you deal with your situation before moving on? Is the phrase itself part of an existential philosophy on life, or simply a cope out? Is ‘shit happens’ just another weak excuse like “oh well that’s life,” “that’s the way the cookie crumbles,” or “that’s the way the ball bounces?” Unfortunately for many it’s the latter, just another cope out.

Why does ‘shit’ happen to us as it does, when it does? There is no rhyme or reason, no pattern, no routine, it just seems to happen. Yeah, our lives can be sailing along so smoothly, then BLAM! Shit happens and our lives are disrupted. I find it impossible to believe that the ‘shit’ we experience is random. Things don’t – just happen. Throughout our lives we experience these events for a specific purpose. Some people call them tests, others call them trials, I prefer to call them learning opportunities. Oh I may not call them that at first, but in time, once I’ve gotten over the initial shock or pain of the situation and have had time to think things through,  that is exactly how I see them, opportunities to learn valuable lessons, lessons that will assist me in changing what must be changed so that I can move forward in my pursuit of wisdom. To do otherwise would be ludicrous.

If we choose to accept the ‘shit’ that comes our way and fail to act and choose instead to simply chalk the experience up to ‘life’ and learn nothing, we avoid taking responsibility for our actions and nothing changes. Our lack of action hinders our growth and approach to life,    We begin to pattern ourselves on a course of inaction and our reality never changes. we begin to stagnate and simply exist. Some may call that living, but I certainly don’t.

We have been put on this Earth for a specific purpose as part of God’s grand master plan. The obstacles, pain and sorrows, as well as the countless blessings He bestows upon us all serve a purpose to fulfilling His plan for us. Our reluctance to deal with, learn and grow from our situations and experiences is folly. It isn’t “just life” and ‘shit’ doesn’t just happen. There is a reason. Ours is a journey to enlightenment and ultimately wisdom. Our failure to recognize the importance and purpose of our life experiences may one day cost us dearly. So from this day forward instead of simply accepting your circumstance or situation as fate and chalking the whole thing up to ‘shit’ happens or ‘that’s life’, do something about it. Make positive changes result from it. Believe me, it will be worth it. If not today, maybe forever… “Shit happens but life goes on! Deal with it!” 

Just Saying…


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