"Filthy Dirty Habits Worth Revisiting!"

Habits, we all have them. Good or bad, habits are a central part of our personalities and reveal much about us. Someone once said that “habits are the shorthand of behavior” and they were absolutely right. Of course, when it comes to habits seldom do we hear about our good habits, You never hear about the man who always puts the seat down after peeing or rinses off his plate after eating, no the attention is always focused on our bad habits.

man-scratching-butt-300x199Now I’m not talking about things like smoking, nail-biting or even picking your nose which are compulsive in nature, I’m referring to the learned behavioral responses that are associated with a particular situation and repeated frequently, more commonly called habits. For instance I have a habit of leaving cabinet doors open behind me. Hardly a day goes by that my wife doesn’t find a cabinet door open somewhere in the house. She is constantly pointing it out to me. I don’t know why I do it, I just do. It’s not my worst habit, but a habit non the less.

So what are men’s worse habits? I’m sure wives and girlfriends could come up with quite a list of things that we do that annoy them. I recently came across an article on Yahoo news about this very subject. I’d like to share what a women’s survey found to be our ten most annoying habits. They are not in any particular order or ranking, so apparently women find them all equally annoying.   SURVEY SAYS:

EMPTY CONTAINERS …   I guess we have a nasty habit of leaving empty containers everywhere and never putting them in the trash where they belong. No big deal right guys?

LEAVING HAIR IN THE SINK …  Okay shaving or grooming residue in the sink or on the floor. I can see how this one can be annoying. In my own defense I do make an attempt to clean up my man mess. I can’t help it if I miss a hair or two or ten, my eyes aren’t what they used to be!

USING TEN CUPS OR GLASSES, INSTEAD OF JUST ONE …   Come on girls, It just defies male logic to use the same glass when they can get a clean, sanitized one for each drink. Besides, using the same one would involve washing and rinsing. Hello!


NEVER PICKING UP HIS LAUNDRY …    I used to be guilty of this one. I never left my dirty laundry scattered around, but I did have this particular corner of the bathroom where my clothes would pile up. eventually my wife would get tired of seeing them there and haul them off to the laundry. Oh she moaned and groaned and complained about it, but it did no good. Then one day she just stopped doing it. The pile grew and grew until I finally began taking it to the laundry myself. I still do. On occasion I may leave a pair of socks or a tee shirt in the corner, and occasionally she will pick them up for me, but 99% of the time I take them myself.


BURPING AND FARTING …  Done discreetly guys this shouldn’t be a problem. Broadcasting it is annoying. Even to other men.

ABSOLUTE HELPLESSNESS WHEN SICK …  Face it ladies, men are hopelessly helpless when it comes to being sick.  When we get sick we need and expect the same treatment and attention as a child. Yes, we’re big babies.

CHANNEL SURFING!  Sorry girls, this is not a habit. It’s a need. For some of us it’s the only control we have!

WEARING THE SAME OLD THING OVER AND OVER …  Yes, it’s true we formed attachments to some of our clothes. I have several tees that should have been thrown out long ago, but I can’t bear to let them go. I may have a couple of pair of raggedy jeans that should be tossed as well, but hey, they’re my work clothes. Come on girls is that really such a big deal? At least we don’t have a kazillion shoes!   ___________________________________________

imagesSo there you have it. The ten habits women find most annoying. I actually would have expected worse. Some others that were on other  list are far worse and deserve an honorable mention. Things like, Being rude, TV sports zombie, stuffing dirty clothes into dresser drawers, looking at other women – particularly their boobs and butt, biting untitledbhntoenails, picking your nose and pulling out a booger and flicking it wherever, drinking too much, loud snoring, butt and crotch scratching, public male package adjustments, peeing on the toilet seat or floor, leaving the seat up, forgetting to flush, forgetting to wash your hands, not bathing often enough, oh the list goes on and on. I’m sure your wife, girlfriend and mother can easily add to this list.

Face it guys, we’re rude, crude and yes, some of us are even tattooed! It’s true, we do have some pretty disgusting habits, some guys more than others, but we are men and we can’t help ourselves, after all we’re descendants of the Neanderthal. We’ve still got a little cavemen left in us. Hey were trying girls! Maybe just not hard enough.

Besides, you girls aren’t saints. Sure you tolerate our “little psychological flaws” thank you very much! But you have some flaws of your own and we tolerate yours! Some of you  do a little scratching of your own, and suffer from the wandering eye as well. And just because you sit down to pee doesn’t mean you don’t wet the seat once in awhile, especially if your in a hurry. You are also capable of  drinking too much, talking too much and once in a great while you can be a bit of a nag!

Okay, I could go on but I better stop there before I get myself into trouble. Suffice it to say that you girls have your fair share of bad habits as well, some equally as offensive as men’s. Excuse me, but when it comes to bad habits it looks like we all have some work to do…

Just Saying…



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