"First There Was Redbox, Now There's Burritobox! Really?"

Feel like watching a movie tonight? Well you could head out to the local multiplex and fork over $12 -$15 for a ticket for a couple of hours of entertainment. Add to that the cost of refreshments, a coke and some popcorn, maybe some candy and when all is said and done your  movie winds up costing you a whopping $25 to $30 per person! A little high for a movie don’t you think? Okay, so you don’t really want to spend $60 on a movie night for you and your lady, well you could stay at home and order up a movie on Directv or cable for much cheaper, or you could illegally download a movie on the internet but being the law abiding citizen that you are you couldn’t do that. Another alternative is to head on over to the local super market and hit up the Redbox movie rental vending machine out front and pick up a movie for your viewing pleasure. So many choices, so little time.

Redbox Video Rentals

Redbox Video Rentals

Okay so you finally decide on the latter, drive down, peruse the Redbox selections and pick out a couple of movies but now that you’re out and about you decide that you’re hungry. Well you can pick something up while you’re at the market, something you can heat up at home or you can stop at any number of fast food outlets or restaurants in the area. By the time you’re done running around and at long last kicking back in front of your giant flat screen ready for some movie action, you’ve wasted an hour and a half or more in the preparation, a colossal  waste of time. Well my friends, soon all that running around won’t be necessary and you’ll be able to pick up your Redbox movie and a hot meal at the same time. Woo Hoo!

1388988231-burritoboxSoon standing next to that big Redbox DVD rental machine will be the newly released Burritobox, the world’s first burrito vending machine! It’s not exactly the first time burritos have been sold from vending machines. Back when I was in high school you could buy hot sandwiches or a burrito from the vending machines at school and they were actually pretty tasty. You had your choice of beef and bean or beef and potato. I don’t recall who they were made by but they tasted an awful lot like the Don Miguel frozen burritos you can get at Costco. Burritobox is “the world’s first automated, all burrito kiosk.” I can hardly wait! Not! Presently there is only one Burritobox set up a Los Angeles area gas station market. Another is slated to be put into operation next week. If they catches on you’ll be finding them everywhere, including next to the Redbox.

downloadObviously you can probably guess the six types of burritos offered by Burritobox are not freshly made. There is no hi-tech gadgetry or computerized assembly line inside the box making made to order burritos. No these are pre-packaged burritos just like the ones I used to buy back in high school. The only difference is that there are more choices and you can get pre- packaged sides like guacamole, sour cream or Tabasco sauce for an additional charge. You’ll be pleased to know that the burritos are made with hormone and antibiotic-free ingredients and the breakfast burritos feature eggs from cage free chickens! And the cost for a kiosk burrito, only $3.00.  Just insert your cash, credit or debit card, select your burrito and 60 seconds later you’ve got a hot meal. As an added plus a video screen on the box plays a music video while you wait.

Check out Burritobox at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRWAfZIgeHk
Somehow I just don’t believe this Burritobox kiosk has a chance in hell of catching on. Some people who have tried them report that the burritos are “quick, tasty and cheap” while others thought they tasted terrible. I for one have no intention of trying them and I would think there are others who feel the same way. But then this is L.A. after all, many a trend has started right here and gone national. Perhaps Burritobox will be the next big thing. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

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