Flashback Friday:"Eat, Drink and Be Maui" Living the Dream!

Ilahainat’s often said that there’s no place like home and in most cases I’d have to agree. Returning home after being away for a length of time feels awfully good. It’s always so inspiriting to come back to what we know and what we’re comfortable with. Home is where everything surrounding us is us, our special, peaceful place. Home is where we belong, where our hearts are.

I’m sure most of us feel this way about coming home after being away, I usually do except when it comes to Maui. After just a few hours on the island paradise I fall victim to it’s magical charms and begin to feel some sort of cosmic connection that makes me feel recharged and rejuvenated. In no time at all I’m feeling quite at home on the island and feel as though I fit in and truly belong there, so much so that when the time comes to return to the mainland I simply do not want to go home. I want to stay on the island for ever. This is my 5th visit to Maui now and each time the island has made me feel as though this is where I truly belong.

Through the years I’ve had the opportunity to travel to several beautiful places other than Maui, Belize, the Bahamas, the East Coast, Hanali, Sedona, Oahu, Hanalei, and the Mexican Rivera. Of these locations only Sedona comes anywhere close to having the powerful effect on me that Maui has, there’s a reason that Maui is referred to as the “Magic Isle”. It is truly a special place, a blessed place. While there, the true aloha spirit of the island seems to pass some if its special blessings on to me making me me one with the island, making me feel complete. I can’t imagine life getting any better than on Maui.

Although I know it will never happen, I could live on Maui forever. Now that I’m retired I would have no problem giving up my life here in SoCal and living out the rest of my days on Maui. However I know my wife could never cut the ties that bind us here in SoCal so I must content myself with an occasional visit to the Magic Isle. I know it sounds cold and perhaps cruel that I could give up my life, family and friends here on the mainland so as to live on Maui, but the island has touched me deeply and left its mark upon not only my soul, but my psyche as well. I want to stay there and never return! I truly love Maui particularly the area of Kahana and Napali. It is just all out beautiful. It is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of mainland life and the maddening pace of big city life and live out my days living the dream!



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