"Flying Your Colors"

How far do you think law enforcement should be allowed to go in their battle against criminals? Should they have unlimited authority when dealing with notorious criminals or organizations? Many believe they should have carte blance authority and be allowed to do whatever they deem necessary in battling crime. Perhaps this is how you feel. Well, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, as am I, but I have to tell you, I think you’re wrong.

As Americans we have certain rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution, and law enforcement must not be allowed to overstep their authority and trample on our rights. They must be held accountable for their actions and adhere to the laws of the land just as we do. By allowing authorities such carte blance power, we would be opening the door to disaster.  The authority and power of law enforcement officials from street cops, to detectives to prosecutors, must be kept in check at all cost, or the next thing you know we’ll be living in the Big Brother, police state of George Orwell’s 1984.

"Flying their Colors"

Consider the recent case involving the notorious Mongols Motorcycle Club.  Prosecutors  as part of a widespread criminal indictment against Mongol gang members attempted to seek control of the gangs name and club logo, a ponytailed Genghis Khan-like figure aboard a chopper. They believed that if they could gain ownership it would break the organization, causing it to cease to exist. Fat chance.

A federal judge rejected the U.S. attorneys efforts. In an eight-page ruling the federal judge ruled in favor of the Mongols because the original indictment handed down by the prosecution in 2008 named only known gang members and not the gang itself in its indictment. It’s good to know that the law of our nation do what they were designed to and protect everyone equally from those who try to seize our property, our liberty and our rights.

I’m certainly not defending the Mongols, only their equal rights under the law. When they break the law they should be punished accordingly. I can only wonder what kind of precedent would have been set had the judge found in the U S Attorneys favor. Can you image, the Logo Police hard at work seeking control of any and all logos or trademarks that could be associated with criminal activity. Other outlaw motorcycle gangs like the Vago’s, Hell’s Angels and countless other clubs would certainly be stripped of their colors. Even some companies and businesses whose logo’s or names are deemed inappropriate or suggestive by the Logo Cops could lose their trademarks. Sure I’m exaggerating things a bit, but a ruling in the U.S. Attorneys favor would have opened the door to new policy and societal change, giving authorities too damn much power. Could the thought police be far behind?

You know the old saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Yeah it’s a good thing that federal judge ruled as he did, a damn good thing.

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