Government Shutdown Over Healthcare?

BigGovernment-420x215Well here we go again! In a little less than two weeks the federal government is poised to close up shop unless Congress can reach an agreement. That’s right, unless the fools on the hill can put party differences aside and come to some sort of a compromise, the federal government will be forced to shutdown. And they better work fast, it seems Congress is scheduled yet another recess the final week of September leaving them only a week to reach an agreement. Seems like Congress spends more time on vacation than they do representing the American people.

On average Congress spends about 140 days a year doing their congressional thing. Some years they have been in session as much as 170 days and as few as 100 days. But don’t misunderstand, a recent study shows that Congress works about 70 hours a week while they are in session and approximately 59 hours a week working while at home. While in session their work schedule is chaotic, nerve wracking and can stretch well into the night. At home 50% of their time is spent out in their congressional districts talking with constituents, campaigning and fund raising.  They spend only 17% of their time with family and friends, leaving 33% of the at home time unaccounted for. I can only hope that they use that time for brainstorming and planning all the incredible things they will be doing for us up on the hill! Yeah right!

Now here we are again on the brink of a government shutdown and Congress is prepping for yet another recess! I tell you, I’m sick and tired of all this political posturing. We’ve been here before, and it plays out the same each time. It never fails, the fools on the hill butt heads, drag their feet and bitch and moan until begrudgingly reaching a last minute, stop-gap agreement. Most of us anticipate that the same thing will happen this time around, but will it?

This time the major players, Obama, House speaker Boehner, congressional Democrats and the good old Tea Party Republicans are digging in their heels and pledge that they will not compromise. With re-election no longer an issue Obama who has publicly denounced a shut down and fellow Democrats are more than willing to allow the government shut down to occur as they believe the fall out from the shut down would land squarely on the heads of the Republican Party.

Boehner and Tea Party loyalist don’t seem to care about taking the heat and are sticking to their guns on the budget issue. Boehner claims that their intent is not to shut down government. He claims that their goal is to cut spending and protect the American people from Obamacare. and are adamant in their demand for the repeal of the president’s healthcare plan. They are demanding that any budget deal include the defunding of Obamacare. A majority of the Republican Party insist that it is more important for the party to stand for what it believes in rather than working with the president. Well you can bet that Obama will not give in to pressure to cease funding for his healthcare plan and will be be a hard line negotiator as will congressional Democrats in the battle of the budget.  As we have been seeing on the nightly news lately they are no where close to reaching an agreement. As it stands now it looks like our government will be shutting down soon.

Once again the fools on the hill are embroiled in a political face-off that has nothing to do with the best interest of the American people. Why in the hell are Republicans insistent on linking any budget agreement with Obamacare. They are two separate issues and should be dealt with independently.  It’s really frustrating to watch our political leaders tow party lines and turn a blind eye on the very people they are supposed to be representing. Its no wonder that America is fast becoming a laughing stock and the butt of many a joke worldwide.

I believe we all know that a government shutdown is not a good thing but it’s not the end of the world as the media would have us believe. It’s happened before and we’re still here. Essential service will continue until the impasse has been bridged. Certainly it would have an adverse effect on the American people and should be avoided at all costs, but our congressional representatives don’t appear to care.  Winning their political battle is much more important to them than our well-being. Using the budget related government shut down and the upcoming debt- ceiling as bargaining chips in the Republican battle to repeal Obamacare is insanity!

Certainly Obamacare has it’s flaws and is not the great “every American” health care plan, but it has potential and is a step in the right direction. Instead of holding the budget hostageand wasting time and energy on its blockage, why not work on improving Obamacare and make it a feasible, workable plan that both sides can agree on. Wait did I really say “both sides agree?” Hey, it could happen! The truth is, shutting down government at the expense of the American people unless Obamacare is blocked is a bad idea, a very bad idea…

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