"Grace Has Gone Home"

Grace is Gone.

Heaven’s Gate


My Aunt Gracie passed away today. She was only 68 years old. She’s battled diabetes for most of her adult life and was nearly blind because of it. Years ago she also had a serious run in with cancer. But that’s not what killed her. Several weeks ago she entered the hospital for what was to have been ‘routine’ gallbladder surgery, instead it was the beginning of the end.

Following the surgery and a short hospital stay she was moved to a convalescent facility to complete her recovery. A few days later she was back in the hospital  ICU. A second surgery was performed and she remained hospitalized. As she improved she was again transferred to the convalescent facility where she appeared to be making progress, but that was short lived. She was presently beset by infection and was soon back in the ICU. After further treatment, she appeared to  be making good progress once more, and was moved back to the convalescent home yet again.  Last week complications, high fever and intense pain, triggered her return to the ICU. On Saturday a colostomy was performed as a temporary measure to accelerate the healing process and ease her discomfort and extreme pain.

On Sunday she informed her doctor that she was tired and couldn’t go on like that. She requested that no further treatments be performed. She then told family members of her decision, she had made up her mind.  She was made as comfortable as possible and given a morphine drip for the pain. On Monday evening she was moved to Casa Bonita Convalescent Hospital in San Dimas where she died this morning at 10:30.  Her ordeal lasted about six weeks. The last several weeks what she wanted more than anything, was to feel better and be able to go home.

Although she was never able to return to her earthly home in Diamond Bar, today she got her wish and returned to her Heavenly Home, where I’m sure she is partaking in a grand “Welcome Home” reception hosted by all the Angels and Saints she so believed in! I know she is being greeted and hugged by all those close to her who have gone before getting re acquainted and catching up!                                                                                                       With her Papa and mom by her side, she is now part of a grand  circle of love made up of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors! All of whom are resting comfortably in the loving arms of our Lord!

Grace fought the good fight and lived well. Her journey along the road of life is now complete.    My aunt Grace has returned home…    Home  at last….

May she forever rest in peace…

Love You,


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