"Grand Kids! Gotta Love Em!"

My Gremlins Jonathan, Anjalene & Janessa

Grand kids! Gotta love em. We’ve got six of them! Five young, little darlings, three boys and two girls, ages 16 months to seven and a half years old, and one sixteen year old  We don’t see the oldest that often, he’s out there doing whatever it is that teenagers do, he’s a fine young man. Ah, but it’s the young ones, I want to talk about, they’re so cute and wonderful as all grandchildren are, but when you get them all together, look out!

My Gremlins Jacob & Joshua

We had the pleasure of having the whole gang over yesterday afternoon. My son and daughter arrived with their spouses and children in tow. A few minutes later my nephew and his girlfriend arrived and right behind them my niece dropped by with her two children. Collectively transforming my church, quiet house into a three ring circus! In no time at all the house was alive with the ear-piercing sound of children running, jumping, laughing, shouting, whining, dancing, screaming and roughhousing! Even the dogs ran for cover! A wonderful way to spend a stormy Sunday afternoon and evening.

The other Gremlins Logan & Cadence (my sister's Gremlins)

Okay, Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it was loud. I had a migraine on Saturday, the first I’ve had in a very long time, I was really worried, that all the ruckus would cause it to return, but it didn’t happen. The grand kids had a blast! I mean if you can’t have fun when you’re at grandpa and grandmas house, something’s definitely wrong. When I was a kid I always looked forward to going to my grandparents house. I want my grand kids to feel the same way. They love to come over and play out in our backyard, but with all the rain they were prisoners of the house, we all were. All in all the grand kids did pretty well for being cooped up all day. It was an adventure to say the least. The evening ended with the little ones putting on a fashion show for us, then made their exit. By eight or so the house had returned to normal, back to that church-like quiet I’ve grown so fond of.

Later when I went to the bedroom I searched in vain for my tv remote but it was nowhere to be found. I finally located it in my son’s room. He had rescued it from the hands of one of the little ones. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. This morning I woke up as I sometimes do, to the sound of my wife getting dressed, she tries to dress quietly, but I usually wake up. I laid there  knowing I had about ten minutes or so until my alarm went off, so I closed my eyes. Well, long story short, my alarm never went off. Actually it went off, but I couldn’t hear it. I awoke about an hour later, thinking I’d only dozed for a few minutes, reached over to see how much time I had left, and realized I’d overslept. I checked my clock radio and discovered that the volume had been turned all the way down. Great way to start a Monday!

Around ten I got a call from a friend who said he’d been trying to reach me on my cell. I checked my cell and discovered that it had somehow been placed on airplane mode!  Okay, either  I’ve got gremlins lurking in my house, or my gremlin grandchildren were busy getting into mischief.  I suspect the latter. I tell you, I wasn’t very  happy about getting to work late or missing phone calls, but you know, the more I thought about it, the more I had to laugh. After all, kids will be kids!

Right now I’m getting ready to do a tour of the house to see what else my little gremlins may have gotten into. Grand kids gotta love em!


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