"Grandma and Grandpa Time!"

f115762c3a6826f953905b5defe86aa0Our weekend actually began on Friday last week and got off to a pretty good start. My daughter and son-in-law’s 11th anniversary was Saturday so they had planned a little getaway and we agreed to watch the kids for them. They dropped them off around 10:30AM to spend a few days with us. Yep, good old grandpa and grandma time!

Call it poor planning or perhaps great planning but I wasn’t home when my 3 grandkids arrived. I had actually slipped away Friday morning to catch an early showing of ‘Olympus Has Fallen’. Raylene had seen it the day before with a lady friend and they had raved about it, so I went to see it. But believe me, when I got home a couple of hours later it was impossible not to know they were there. They have a way of making their presence felt. I walked in to the shrieking cry of the youngest who upon seeing me began calling out “Granda John! grandpa John!” and raced over to give me a hug. She is three and a half and super-charged on energy overload. She’s quite a doll! For some reason she’s taken to calling me grandpa John. After prying here loose from my leg she proceed to tell me a million and one things that were happening! And so the weekend began…

All in all it was fun having them around. I’d actually forgotten what its like to have three young ones around full time. It’s been awhile. Oh they tried my patience on occasion and  tried the old “my mom said it was okay” and “my dad let’s us” etc, but like I’ve told them many times before, my house, my rules.  My favorite was little Janessa telling me that her mom said it was okay to have ice cream for breakfast! Yeah, okay! They seemed to have fun and enjoy being at our house especially out back where in their effort to build a tree house they proceeded to get into all kinds of stuff and scatter it around the side yard! But like good little troopers they picked it all up before leaving on Sunday.Kids! gotta love em!

Friday evening I tried to slip off into my man cave for a few minutes of quiet time, but just as I was getting settled in the door flew open and in walked Janessa who proceeded to make herself comfortable in the recliner next to mine. Once she was comfy she asked me very nicely if I could change the TV to Scoobie-Doo. Normally I don’t let the kids into the man cave except for quick visits but I figured what the hell and changed the channel. Before long Jonathan joined us and a few minutes later Anjalene came strolling in. The four of us sat there watching cartoons and munching chips and salsa for about an hour. It was nice. They were well behaved and actually pretty quiet. I’m not really a big Scoobie Doo fan, but that was okay, besides it gave Raylene a brief respite from the kids, she’s always go, go, going looking after them and deserved a break!

The rest of the weekend went well with the normal amount of in fighting, teasing  and picking on one another. There was some pouting at times but that seemed to pass quickly. They got to play with their cousins, stay up late and sleep in, watch TV and play and play and play some more! I had thought about maybe taking them to the movies on Saturday but my son John needed some assistance from Alan, his mom and I, and Anjalene had play practice, so plans changed. Saturday night little Janessa, who I guess was told by her mom and dad that I was taking them to the movies, came up to me with a stern look on her face and scolded me for not taking them to the “movie theater” like her mom said. God, she’s too cute!

I didn’t mind watching the kids this weekend. Oh believe me there were a few times they nearly drove me crazy, but I survived! Besides, that’s what kids do right? What’s kind of scary is that I told my daughter and son that we’d be willing to watch the kids for a week if they wanted to plan a long getaway. A week!  7 days! Yikes! But you know what, I fully expect them to take advantage of our offer. After all we’re grandparents and we’re here to help, because that’s what grandparents do, isn’t it?

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