"Happy Birthday Little Angel"



Today is my daughter Janene’s birthday. Happy birthday, Baby Girl! You are an incredibly kind and loving ‘young’ woman, a fantastic daughter, wife mother, friend, and teacher! You have surpassed our every expectation as have all our children. On this your 42nd birthday I wish for her only the best that life has to offer, happiness, joy and an abundance of love for all the days of her life.      Always remember “You are my baby, you are everything to me, no matter what your age you know you’ll always be” “Dreams Do Come True”…    Dad




A Message to our Little Angel

Janene having a daughter like you is a such a blessing. God must really love us to have given us such a special gift. We pray that as you grow older you will continue on the path of righteousness, always keep God at the center of your life and face each new challenge with promise and hope. Let the Spirit guide you and be your inner strength. Long ago I told you to always “Follow your heart” we hope you continue to do so. Know that your mom and I will always be here for you. We hope you have an incredible Birthday!

Love you,

Dad & Mom


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