"Happy Birthday Number One!"

Time sure flies doesn’t it? Seems like only yesterday we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild, now here we are celebrating her ninth birthday! It’s hard to believe nine years have passed since my number one granddaughter was born! Yep, Tuesday was her birthday. Happy Birthday Number One!

I remember that day so clearly, getting the word and rushing to the hospital. As it turned out there was no need to rush she wouldn’t be born for several hours. At first it looked like there was a chance she might actually be born on her dad’s birthday, but she held out until after midnight which was a good thing, no child should have to share a birth date with another family member unless they’re a twin, everyone should have their own personal, special day!

"Crazy Leg!"

And her day was certainly special! The whole family was there! Everyone excitedly awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild. Even my pops was there to see his first great grandchild be born! It was incredible!

After hours and hours of labor, which my daughter handled quite well, she finally arrived! She was beautiful, well as beautiful as a new born can be! However we were all in a minor state of shock! Oh she was all there, thank God, fingers, toes, appendages, yeah she was complete but she had been in an unusual position in the womb. One of her legs was bent up near her head and she was born with what I called ‘crazy leg’!

I’d had the opportunity to witness all three of my children’s births, and never seen anything like ‘crazy leg’ before.  The doctor said                                                           it was unusual but after checking her out completely he didn’t seem overly concerned. As it turned out he was right. In practically no time at all her leg miraculously returned to a normal position and she was just fine! walking, running, jumping and dancing with the best of them! I’ll tell you, baby are sure flexible!

At the time she was born I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about becoming a grandparent. My wife was all for it, but I had some reservations. Somehow being called grandpa didn’t appeal to me much. But once my number one was born and I held her for the first time, all of that changed! Call me grandpa, gramps, granddaddy,whatever! My new granddaughter opened up a whole new world for me. Actually her birth and early infancy reminded me a lot of when we had our first child, our daughter. She was our only girl. All the incredible memories came flooding in as I held my number one granddaughter. It was very special!

My number one is a very special, loving child. Even her name, ‘Anjalene’, is special. It’s a combination of my mom’s name ‘Angela’ and my wife’s mom ‘Arlene’, both of who never had the opportunity to meet their first great grandchild. I know they would have loved her up! I sure do! I can’t help it! She’s quite the character, so dramatic. She loves to sing and dance and has a passion for acting! She’s appeared in two plays put on by Azusa High School! (her younger brother has been in one also.) Yes Anjalene loves the stage and even landed the lead role of Dorothy in her third grade’s performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz. Her teacher said she “nailed it!”  She was excellent if I do say so myself, of course I’m her gramps so my point of view may be a little tainted! Our little actress. Gotta love that girl!

For her birthday Anjalene had one of her dream come true! For a quite a while now she’s been wanting a hamster. For the longest time it was all she talked about. Well she finally got her wish. For her birthday her nina took her out shopping and bought her a hamster. She named her new pet Skittles and has promised that she is solely responsible for caring for her it. I certainly hope so, I know my daughter and there’s no way she’s going to be handling a hamster! We’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

Happy birthday number one! You’re growing much too fast! Nine years old! WOO HOO!!

Love you Doll! Hope you had a special day!







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