"Heart Attack Snack"

It’s long been said that Las Vegas has it all, and there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find there. If you’ve got the flash and the cash you can get whatever you’d like. Well starting this week you can head on down to the Fremont Experience and get yourself a triple bypass, quadruple bypass, or if you like, a single or double bypass. And for good measure you can get an order of ‘flatliner fries’ with your bypass – burger that is.

That’s right that controversial, sinfully satisfying burger joint ‘The Heart Attack Grill’ has found a new home in Sin City. The eatery, which proudly posts the warning “This establishment is bad for your health” and whose slogans include, “Taste worth dying for,” and “Cash only because you might die before the check clears,” got quite a surprise earlier this week when one of their customers, feasting on a 6000  calorie, 50 grams of fat, Triple Bypass burger, suffered a heart attack!  That’s right, he suffered a very real heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill and had to be rushed by paramedics to a nearby hospital where is is currently recovering.  Most of the customers there that night believed the incident was a only an elaborate hoax designed to hype the grand opening and were quite surprised when they later learned it had been the real thing.

The story immediately went viral as one of the customers filmed the incident with his cell phone and posted it on Youtube. The Grill which seems to thrive on all the negative publicity it receives couldn’t have done better if they had planned it! I’m sure the grill will probably provide ‘Mr. Joe heart attack’ with hamburgers for life, however short that proves to be. Hell, you couldn’t ask for better publicity than that.

The Heart Attack Grill began as a crazy idea that went on to be an over-night sensation. With cooks dressed as surgeons and scantily-clad waitresses dressed as sexy nurses, the heart attack took off!  If you’re looking for a real grease burger this is definitely the place! Their food is all fat!  They serve four varieties of the “Bypass Burgers,” from the single bypass with one meat patty to the quadruple with four patties. Each burger also contains heaping portions of cheese, tomatoes, onions, bacon and of course their famous lard-covered buns. They serve only one side order, their “flatliner fries” which are also cooked in lard, and a “butterfat milkshake” to wash things down with. If you’re looking to lose weight this is definitely the place to avoid, but if you weigh in at 350 pounds or more, you eat for free!  Where else but Vegas can you get a free bypass for being grossly over-weight! Gotta love it!

"The Quadruple Bypass"

So if you’re going to Vegas anytime soon, have one hell of an appetite, and don’t give a damn about your health, make your way to Fremont Street and indulge yourself in a  bypass or two, or if you’re really famished how about a quadruple bypass? Come on, doesn’t all that fat sound delicious? But remember “the pounds you gain in Vegas won’t stay there!”

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