"Heaven Awaits"


heavenIt is often said that Life is about the journey not the destination. For those of us who are Christians this notion flies in the face of our faith and our goal of reaching our Heavenly Home. For Christians it’s all about the destination. Our sole purpose for living is to prove our Heavenly worthiness by living Christ like lives of love and faith. If we are successful, upon our deaths we are welcomed ‘Home’ by God, His angels and saints, and our family and friends who have passed before us. There we will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

Yes my friends it’s all about our destination. We all want to go to Heaven when we die, who wouldn’t? Unfortunately there are those who do not live their lives as though they really want to. they get caught up in making the most of their journey and heaven moves down their list of priorities. They’ve got hung up on living and forgotten about life, eternal life that is. They go to church, make regular cash donations and other good works, but still fall far short of Heaven.

You see, there aren’t enough good works or deeds a person can accomplish that will earn entry into Heaven. The fact is my friends, that only through our faith in Jesus Christ can we hope to reach our heavenly home. Through His death Jesus has granted all of us free access to Heaven, but entry is not automatic, there are no guarantees. I’m certain that there will be many disappointed souls who will be turned away at the Gates of Heaven, souls who did plenty of good deeds but who failed to be truly Christ like. There are no works you can do to earn your way to heaven. That would be much too easy. Can you imagine if we could earn our entry into Heaven through good works alone? I can already hear the good deed doers bragging and boasting about their accomplishments and the shortcomings of others, not a pretty picture. Our efforts and good works are only a part of the Heaven equation.

Many people falsely believe that all you have to do to earn Heaven is to go to Church on Sundays, obey the Ten Commandments and occasionally do good deeds. Some think that they will automatically go to Heaven when they die simply because they profess to be Christians. Let me tell you, Calling yourself a Christian is a wonderful thing and easy to do, but none of these things guarantee entry into Heaven.

I remember back in the 80’s a good friend of mine was ‘reborn’ and became a Christian which I thought was awesome as he lived a somewhat wild life. But nothing really changed. He continued to partake in all the craziness he had done before being saved. I confronted him on this issue once and was saddened to hear him say that it was all okay. “God knows that I will fail”, he told me, “He knows that I’m going to continue to backslide  and that’s okay, He forgives me.” I truly felt sorry for him. I couldn’t understand how he could possible believe that being a Christian of convenience was going to get him into Heaven. I’m still praying for him.

To gain entry into Heaven we must first acknowledge the fact that we are all sinners. Once we are able to do so we then must repent, accept Christ as our personal savior and be baptized in the Spirit. Sounds easy right? And it is! The tough part is committing the rest of your life to Jesus Christ and living each and every day of your life in a Christian manner. Remember my friends, talk is cheap. Salvation isn’t about the words you say or deeds you do. It’s about the work of Jesus and believing in Him. We will never reach Heaven on our own. Only through Him will we be saved and granted eternal Life.  The choice is yours. As for me, I’m working on it.

Heaven awaits…




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