"I Hate Spam"

Okay, enough is enough already! I’m sick and tired of all the freakin’  junk mail I keep getting  in my Yahoo email account. Everyday I must delete at least two thirds of my inbox without opening them. And my spam folder is a nightmare! Take today for instance, there were 29 messages in my inbox. I read through the subject column and deleted 21 of them immediately. I didn’t need to see ads from Amazon, Buy.com, Circuit City, Target, Wine.com, Hotwire, Cellphone Shop, Expedia or anyone else! Off they went to the trash to join yesterday’s 14 stinkers.

Then there’s the spam file! Today was actually pretty light for a Monday, there were only 17 items in my spam folder. 17 worthless pieces of crap! I’ve had it with offers to learn how to pay my house off in five to seven years, or saving 80% on hand rolled premium cigars, credit reports, credit scores, Americans united for freedom, or how to take advantage of the G.I. Bill, hell I was never even in the armed services! Then there’s that letter I get every so often offering me the opportunity to receive a large sum of money for simply helping some Nigerian move his newly gained inheritance to an American Bank, one of my favorites, like anyone’s going to be stupid enough to fall for that one! And if I get one more offer for Viagra, Cialis or a penis enlargement pill that claims to be “The Real Penis Enlargement And All Natural Penis Enlargement Product,” I’m going to puke!

I use every filter Yahoo has to offer plus a variety of spam blocking software, as well as my Norton protection but nothing seems to work.  All the spam filters, blockers, anti spam aids and fighters are a waste, they work well enough in the beginning, but in time spam seems to find a way around them or right through them.

Yeah I know I can solve the problem quickly by changing my email address, but I’ve had my current address for ten years now and have grown quite fond of it and changing it is such a pain in the ass. First you have to come up with a new user ID, something catchy and fresh, then you have to notify all your friends and businesses that you want to stay in contact with that you have a new address, it’s just a pain. Then for awhile you have two email addresses you have to deal with because you have to keep checking your old one just in case. I’m not ready for that just yet. So until I am, I guess I’ll just have to put up with it.

I wish there was a way to program my computer to learn my interests so that it could determine what I would classify as junk mail and delete it for me as it comes in, that would be awesome! I’m sure that technology isn’t that far off. However technology like that might open the door for your computer to begin learning and gaining as much intelligence as human beings, possibly more, and share our  “emotional potentialities.” Can you imagine your laptop learning through experience and eventually developing emotions such as fear, love and envy. In no time at all your computer could begin making other decisions for you as well,deleting whatever it liked, signing you up or registering you for programs or organizations, sending off emails and placing orders for you. Scary thought. I guess I should be careful what I wish for. You remember HAL the computer on 2001 Space Odyssey don’t you? That didn’t work out so well.


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