"The Search Goes On!"

Got a text late last week from a friend asking if I might still have a copy of a document that we worked on back in 2007. Apparently he wasn’t able to locate his hard copy and was hoping I might be able to send him a copy. Being that it was a rather important document and one I’d done for several others, I figured it would be relatively easy to locate, so I texted him back and told him I’d take a look.
I figured I’d simply type in the file name, hit search and the files would turn up. No such luck. You see, since 2007 I ve had three laptops plus my desktop and several external hard drives, a lot of places for the file to hide. I know that sounds excessive but in 2007 I fried my five year old Toshiba laptop while in Belize, a casualty of a massive power surge.
Thank God we were able to salvage the hard drive! I replaced that laptop with a year old HP that my son’s girlfriend was selling. It was a great computer but last May the keyboard quit working and rather than spending money on repairing a five year old laptop I decided to buy a new one. I got a sweet deal on a ASUS laptop in June that my son, the I.T., found for me. He’s a lot like his mom, always finding bargains.
Well needless to say the search was epic. I began looking Thursday evening with no luck. I was certain the files had to be somewhere so on Saturday I went at it again andgine spent most of the evening watching TV and going through files. Sunday afternoon was spent the same way, watching the two playoff games and going through hard drives. By 8:30pm I was done, I’d given up all hope of finding the files. In fact it became quite apparent to me that I’m missing all of those particular files from 2007! I texted my friend back and told him I was sorry but I couldn’t find them. About that time my son reminded my that I did have an external hard drive go bad back in 08 or 09 and we hadn’t been able to retrieve any data from it, so I’m assuming the files must have been on that drive.
It is incredible how much data gets accumulated over the years. Although I didn’t find what I was looking for, the search gave me the opportunity to organize things and delete some unwanted and unneeded data and create some much needed space on my primary hard drive. In fact I began organizing my music files last night and will finish them up this week. So the whole search episode although a failure was a beneficial in other ways. I’ve been wanting to organize my files for a long time anyway. Thanks Mark!
I did make a rather interesting discovery while on my search, while I was sitting down to check my desktop computer on Saturday I learned that Mr. I.T. had raided my computer! there were components missing and there was no way I could start it up! He explained that the desktop wasn’t being used and it was old and slow anyway, so he took what he needed. I wasn’t thrilled about him raiding my computer without telling me, but he is right. The desktop is about eight years old, ancient in the computer world and slow is scarcely the right word to describe it.  He did come in and remove the hard drive for me so I could search it, and suggested that if I really wanted a desktop he would build a new and faster one for me if I wanted.
I know that desktops are pretty much obsolete in our world of laptops, tablets and smart phones, but I’m seriously considering rebuilding my desktop. I know it is a step backwards and goes against the wheels of progress, but it felt good sitting at the desk with a 20 inch screen and using a full keyboard even if the damn thing wouldn’t start! Hey, for writing it really is ideal to have a central location instead of using the laptop all the time. So I’m having my IT check it out and if the price is right I’m gonna go ahead and do it. I’m sure with his shopping skills he’ll come up with a great desktop computer for me at the lowest possible price. Come on, everyone loves a bargain! By the way, I still think those missing files may turn up. They’ve got to be around here somewhere! 
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