"If You're Going To San Francisco" Part 2 Missed Trains & Bridges

“For every high there is a low, every good a bad, every action a reaction. To experience it is living, to accept is adult, to learn & rise above is to be strong.”    Nishan Panwar 

h__San_Francisco__CaliforniaSan Francisco is truly an incredible city, its bayside location makes it so much more beautiful than LA, there is no comparison between the two cityscapes, SF wins hands down.  It’s the city of bridges. There are 5 incredible toll bridges on the SF Bay. While there we crossed all of them. The Golden Gate, SF-Oakland Bay,  San Mateo-Hayward, Dumbarton and Richmond-San Mateo bridge. A couple of them are the closest you’ll ever get to driving right on the water. Great experience.

I’ve got to you though if you’re thinking about visiting SF anytime soon don’t make the same mistake I did and refer to it as ‘Frisco’. The locals hate that term and immediately peg you as an outsider as I learned while sitting at the beer bar at the Public House Sports Pub/Restaurant at AT&T Park. The place is really cool and has its own entrance into the ballpark. During the game instead of paying $9.75 or more for a beer inside the park, you can slip into the Public House and get a pint of one of the 24 beers they have on tap for a mere $7.50 and take it back in the park with you. Why pay $9.75 for a Bud Light when you can get a real beer for a lot less. It’s an awesome arrangement!

I had gone down to the pub to in the 7th inning to pick up a couple brews and got stuck. You see you cant take beer back in to the game after the 7th and even with the bartender doing his best to beat the clock by the time I had gotten my brews the inning had ended and I was stuck there with 2 beers. Fortunately the barkeep was pretty cool and took one of the beers back. So I texted my buddies to meet me there after the game. I got comfy and sat there watching the end of the game on the big screen,talking to the bartender and the woman sitting next to me and  enjoying a pint of Blind Pig IPA, a beer my cousin Dave introduced me to years ago. Back then I thought it tasted like crap, but apparently my taste in beer has matured and the Blind Pig tasted great!  

Anyway I was sitting there talking to this young woman, she was a third year high school math teacher from nearby Burlingame.  As we talked I casually mentioned that I was in ‘Frisco” with friends to see the game. Thank God I was talking to a fellow academian. She gave me the heads up that you never ever refer to SF as ‘Frisco’ or worse yet ‘San Fran.’ Apparently locals view it as a being totally disrespectful, and believe it cheapening the reputation of one of the greatest cities in the world. They prefer to refer to it as San Francisco or simply the ‘City’. I thanked her for the info and was glad I hadn’t used the term with someone who would have taken offense.

The game ended and I was soon joined by my two friends. We had about an hour to kill until we had to be at the train station so I ordered a couple of beers. One of my buddies wan’t too keen on the idea of hanging out at the bar and would have preferred that we go and wait at the train station but majority rules so we stayed and finished up our beers then headed to the train station. We made it to our train with time to spare and were soon on board and heading back to the car. And that my friends was when the world turned to shit.

NjAxMTU1ODUz_o_doors-closing-on-a-metropolitan-line-s-stock-train-at-“For every high there is a low, every good a bad, every action a reaction.” We’d learned that earlier in the day with the whole tickets left behind fiasco. But that was nothing compared with what happened next.  We were on the train  approaching our stop. My buddies were seated behind me and some very chatty lady had sat down in the aisle seat next me. When we got to our stop we made our way to the vestibule between the set of double doors and got there just in time to watch the doors close in our faces! Our reflection in the door glass was sheer shock! I guess that’s why they call it rapid transit!

There was a group of guys drinking beer in the vestibule who had apparently seen this happen before. They were amused but consolatory and even handed me a beer. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault really, it may have taken me an extra moment or two to get past the chatty woman but even if she hadn’t been blocking me in I doubt we would have made it to the doors in time. The trick is preparation. You have to be standing in the vestibule in front of the doors or close to it before you reach your stop. We’d actually seen some people do that on our earlier ride but never put it together. We got off at the next stop in utter silence.  

If the train was scheduled every 15 or 20 minutes like the San Diego transit we could have waited for a train ride back, but with an hour wait between trains we weren’t about to wait. So after yet another cab ride we finally got back to the car and made our way to the hotel. Let me tell you it was a long, long, quiet ride. We spent the rest of the evening at the hotel. The next morning we went on almost as though nothing had happened. We had a great day at the Golden Gate and Sausalito and an enjoyable evening of pizza and beer. On Monday we headed home from what was, in spit of a few mishaps a very enjoyable “man-escape. 

Funny, but the three of us as a group never really talked about what happened. I guess we didn’t want to stir up any bad feelings or start any finger pointing so we just let sleeping dogs lie. Sad really. We had a great getaway. So what if we forgot the tickets and had to go back. so what if the train doors closed in our faces and we missed our stop. We were there 3 days and those were the only things that went awry other than the ticket I got on the way home from the CHP for of all things, tinted windows! But that’s another story. No my friends we had a great time in SF and two mishaps shouldn’t spoil that. We all know that shit happens and all the moaning, groaning, agitation or anger in the world  won’t change a damn thing! what happened to us was actually comical at least to some of us. I’ll never forget our reflection in the glass, like a deer in the headlights! Sometimes all you can do is laugh when life throws you a curve. When shit happens  and it will, you just sort of have to take it in stride, shake it off and move forward. What’s done is done. You can’t go back and change anythings  so just learn to roll with it damn it! Good or bad, it’s all just a part of the trip.  “

Just Saying,


To experience it is living, to accept is adult, to learn & rise above is to be strong.”  





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