"I'm on Vacation Damn It!"

Woo Hoo! I’ve been on vacation for a over a week now but let me tell you, it hasn’t been all that pleasant, at least not until yesterday. There is so much to do around this house of ours and summer is the time I try to get things done. My summer plan this year was to put in four or five solid hours each day then have the rest of the time to read, write, play my guitar or just veg out in front of the TV. So far I’ve been putting in six to eight hours or more nearly every day! So much for making plans!

I started my vacation by spending a couple of days last week working in the backyard, weeding, trimming, planting and just trying to make it look decent. We do spend a lot of time back there in the summertime and it’s pretty nice when it’s trimmed out. From there I made the jump to our three car garage. Believe it or not we actually do park 3 cars in it plus a motorcycle! However the three walls are stacked with stuff from floor to ceiling and the rafters overhead are packed. There’s a large area near the rear of the garage where you can stand up and move around on the rafters so I installed a plywood floor over a wide area when I first moved in 34 years ago. The entire space is packed with headboards, bed frames, old exercise equipment, luggage, Christmas gear, a ton of boxes and other assorted junk. I even have all our tax records and receipts up there dating back to 1978! Hell there’s stuff buried up there we haven’t seen in thirty plus years! Well the idea was to start cleaning it out. I’ve been saying that I was going to tackle this project for the last ten years and  have always found a way out of it. Well this year we’re doing it! No excuses.

We began on the ground floor. We moved the cars, motorcycle and bicycles out and dove right in. What a project! Over the course of three days we took out three van loads of trash, three trips to the library with about 15 large boxes of books, 5 boxes of VHS movies, and three trips to the Salvation Army store with three van loads of junk, I mean donations. It was well worth the effort. We were able to consolidate and open up some much needed space. It looks very nice. There is still one area that is packed, but most of that stuff belongs to my son and his fiance and will be going with them once they’ve found a house. They’ve been busy looking for months and made offers on several, but are still homeless. Once that stuff, a 50 inch TV, and a washer and dryer, there will be tons of space.

This past Monday we pulled out all the cars and started to clear the rafters. I started about  10AM and worked until 5. I have to admit it was kind of fun chucking stuff over the edge onto the floor below. I really made quite a mess but barely made a dent in the rafter storage area. By late Monday we had made one trip to the Salvation Army and one trash  run. We were able to sort through most of the stuff scattered across the garage and confined it to the single car portion of the garage. Unfortunately my son lost his garage parking for the night. Oh well, we all have to make sacrifices in our battle against junk.

Yesterday I got up early, climbed up the rafters and began sorting through boxes. I was able to gather my tax receipts for the last seven years and store them in a designated area and move the receipt boxes dating back to 78 near the drop down stairway ready for removal.  I didn’t want to drop down anything else until we had all of Mondays items out of garage. In the meantime my wife had loaded up the van with more Salvation Army items. We also had created another section of trash that would fill the van and be going to the dumpster after she got back from Salvation Army. Well that’s when the fun began.

The keys to my van could not be found. My wife had used the extra fob to unlock it and unfortunately there is no extra key to go with it. I tell you we searched and searched but no keys. I thought maybe my son had mistakenly taken them to work with him, but he hadn’t. Nearly an hour later, after going through trash, searching the rafters storage, garage and house. I remembered that we had gone out in my wife’s car Monday night. I checked and sure enough there they were. They had slipped out of my pocket and were between the seats. I was a bit frustrated from all the time we’d wasted but went back up the ladder to the storage area. I stood there, looked at the mess, felt the heat, and thought to myself, “Screw This!” and headed back down. It was already noon, but I told my wife to forget going to Salvation Army, because we were taking a break! And break we did! A half hour later we were on the road bound for San Diego by way of Temecula for a little wine tasting. Why Not!

So what if the garage clean up takes a little bit longer, so my son will loses his parking space for another night or two or three! Besides him, who cares? Hell I may take Wednesday off as well! Why not? After all this is summer and I’m on vacation damn it!

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